A New Way to Manage Your Child's Birthday and Save for Their Future

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I cannot believe that sweet Baby S will soon be turning one year old. I love watching her grow, learn and discover, and become her own little person... but it's all happening so fast! As I pack away so many of her infant necessities, I find myself smiling, because I know that the real fun is just beginning, and that we have a fabulous life ahead with our amazing girl.

Part of the fun of baby's first year (for me, at least) is planning a first birthday party. I remember how much fun I had planning my son's first birthday party, and am so excited to plan a big party for S. I plan to host a fun themed party, inviting family and close friends. Looking back to my son's birthday party, we made a lot of special memories, had a lot of family members present, and he racked up a ton of gifts! Gifts are so much fun, but it can mean a lot of work for parents to have to sort through them, find places for new toys and clothes to live, and of course, deal with having to make returns, or living with gift items that although are much appreciated, aren't necessarily needed.

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Not long ago, I learned about, a fabulous (and genius, I might add) way to manage birthdays, holiday gift giving and special events, as well as plan for your child's future. 
Kids are so often overwhelmed with gifts that they just don't need. BuyGiftSave offers parents a wonderful option for their kids when it comes to celebrating these special times in their lives.

How it works...

The innovative concept allows parents to create an event for any occasion, create a registry for their little ones, send out invitations and link a bank account so that monetary gifts could be deposited into their account in a matter of minutes. Best of all it can all be done in one place with just a few clicks. And for the gift givers, it takes the guesswork out of gifting. Leaving the gift givers feeling gratified that their gift is helping the child’s long term future. Responsible gift giving at its best!

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I was excited to try out this amazing service for myself, and couldn't wait to get my account set up so I could start working on planning for S' birthday party. Getting started was so easy. I actually set up an account while we were on vacation! I headed over to, and created an account. As soon as I did, I was offered personal virtual assistance right through their site. If I had any questions, I could just type them into the chat box, and I would receive an immediate response. Now that's awesome customer service!

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Creating an account is so easy!

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Enter your event info to start planning your celebration!

To start planning for our special party, I entered in the date and location of the event, a few other event details, name of the child, and bank account info. This info is verified, and it's an absolutely safe and secure way for your guests to gift monies to your kids. Think of past holidays and birthdays... we've gotten checks for B, made out to cash, because he obviously doesn't have his own bank account. We've also gotten gift cards and envelopes of cash, which are so hard to keep track of! B loves to keep his money in his piggy bank, but he also loves to take it out and play with it. By using, your guests are able to deposit real money into a secure account for your child.

Once you have the account set up, you can use the service to plan the whole party! Use their templates and service to create your event invitations and send them out electronically! Think of all the money you'll save on design, printing, and mailing out tangible invites (I've done this for many years, and it adds up so quickly!). You can upload personal photos and/or video straight to the invitation! Your guests can RSVP online, and you can keep track of who is or isn't able to make the event.

Regardless of who attends the party, everyone can purchase gifts through They have a simple to use tool that allows you to create a custom gift registry. Select from the many gifts already added to the site, or add your own. You can also choose an option to add a large gift that guests can chip in on together! I love this idea so much!

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Guests can select their own budget for gifting. This allows them to purchase and send a gift from the registry, and then deposit any remaining amount from their budget to the fund for your child. This is such a smart and safe way to gift. Last year, my father-in-law approached me and my husband about stopping buying toys for the kids for birthdays and Christmas. 'They have so many toys and books,' he said... 'I just don't know what to get them and I know you're running out of space. I'd like to set up accounts for each of my grand kids, and just gift money. Is there a way we can do that?' I am happy to say that there is, and now every family member can have the opportunity to do the very same thing!

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My kids are my world. My husband and I still sometimes feel like kids, ourselves, and we're delving into the world of adulthood and financial planning for our family's future. helps us to get our foot into the door of planning for each one of our children's futures, while having fun and celebrating their milestones in life. It's a responsible step that we're really excited about taking, and are happy to invite our family members along on this journey.

I am so excited to see the results of our efforts through, and can't wait to post more about it. My family thinks this is a refreshing idea, and we're blessed to have everyone on board going forward.

Take a glance at this cute video to see how works...

Intrigued? Give it a try! is a free service, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try for your next special celebration! You'll be so glad you did!

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Thanks to for allowing us to try and share about their wonderful service, and forever changing the way we plan for our children's parties!

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