Acts of Kindness: Getting Started for the New Year

Every year, I make strides to be more helpful, more loving, and to perform random acts of kindness. With two kids in tow, I am often distracted and frazzled, and usually just want to get whatever we're doing over with so we can get back home.

This year, MBP is issuing a challenge to our online community, to perform one act of kindness every week. It doesn't have to be random- it's nice to help people you know, too!

To get started, we have some really easy ideas that everyone can do to take part in the challenge. Choose one a week to help your family become more involved.

Pay it Forward with Coffee
Many small, local coffee shops have pay it forward programs. For example, my favorite coffee shop in town allows you to purchase a cup of coffee for someone else. Simply pay for the price of a cup of coffee, and leave a tag hanging by the door. Anyone can come in and take the tag, and enjoy a free hot beverage. You could also anonymously pay for the order behind yours in the drive through line, or even in store.

Help Someone Carry their Bags
Simply offer to help someone carry their grocery bags to the car. It may seem old fashioned, but it's a great way to offer a helping hand.

Let Someone Go Ahead of You
We're all in a hurry, but you can let someone go ahead of you in line every now and then. It's a great example of  kindness to teach to your children. Same goes for holding the door for people. It's amazing how many people no longer do this.

Compliment a Stranger
Pay someone a compliment. It could be as simple as 'Oh, I love those shoes!' Tell a kid how cool their Batman shirt is. More and more, I witness strangers complimenting my kids, and it makes them so happy. You could totally make someone's day by just offering up a compliment.

Set up a Kindness Calendar for your family. Keep track of each weekly kindness challenge that was issued, and track your family's progress. Each month, we'll add new ideas for you to consider.

Which act of kindness will you choose to do first? 
Tell us about it in the comment section!

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