The Holidays are Even Sweeter with Chutney from Circle B Ranch #MBPHGG16

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What's better than family gathered around the table during the holidays? The holiday table is the centerpiece of our family gatherings, and it's one that my beloved Gram cherished. Fresh foods and condiments are always our family's choice when we get together to enjoy a meal, and that's why I was excited to share some delicious holiday chutneys, courtesy of Circle B Ranch.

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We're so thrilled to be working with Marina of Circle B Ranch. Marina and I are friends on Facebook, and she just happens to own her own ranch in the Ozarks, raising beautiful, natural pork. Circle B Ranch specializes in pork, and Marina makes and ships fresh meats, and sauces all over the country!

Circle B Ranch is a family owned and operated Berkshire/Kurabota Pork Hog farm. Marina and John relocated from Branchburg, NJ in September 2009 to the lush and rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. They originally owned a small hobby farm where John raised turkeys, ducks and chickens for their own consumption. They were ahead of their time since they fed them feed that did not contain unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. This practice and belief has been continued on their farm in Seymour, MO. John and Marina are passionate about food and what they eat. They firmly believe that an animal’s welfare is very important to the taste and the appearance of the meat which is why Marina and John make such a significant effort in the natural and humane raising and handling of their Heritage hogs.

Marina sent some delicious holiday chutneys my way for review this season, and I couldn't wait to share them with my family!

Check out these gorgeous jars of freshly made chutney- made right in Marina's kitchen!

Cranberry Apple Jalapeno Chutney- fresh from the Ozarks!

Cranberry Chutney, as well as Pear Ginger Chutney!

I couldn't wait to taste these chutneys with my family. My hubby isn't a fan of fruits or chutneys, so I excitedly brought these chutneys along for Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn't wait for my family to give these a try!

The chutneys looked gorgeous mixed in with the Thanksgiving spread of delicious foods!

I tried all three of the chutneys, and my favorite with the plain Cranberry Chutney. I actually had this chutney in place of a traditional cranberry sauce with my Thanksgiving dinner plate. The chutney was so incredible. It tasted so fresh, as if it had just been made days prior to our celebration. Truthfully, I just wanted to sit down with the jar and eat the chutney with a spoon. I loved the way it tasted with the turkey and the stuffing! It was even perfect for spreading on my famous Thanksgiving leftover sandwich!

The Pear Ginger Chutney was a winner with the family. Everyone loved the flavors, and the ginger actually helped to settle a few tummies! The Cranberry Jalapeno Chutney was enjoyed by the guys who like spicier sauces!

Three Chutneys

 Use this chutney with your favorite cheese, stir it into yogurt in the morning.  Make a great accompaniment for pork, ham or turkey. You can make a delicious glaze for your ham by applying it the last few minutes.  Or why not enjoy it with ice cream?

Check of these other great products from Circle B Ranch...

Pork or Beef Meatballs for Sale
Italian Meatballs

Marina's Homemade Ketchup
Homemade Ketchup

Circle B Ranch Hickory smoked Ham
Smoked Ham

If you're looking for some delicious meats or sauces to add to your holiday meal, don't forget to order from Circle B Ranch. I've tried Marina's meatballs, and they're seriously delicious! I can't wait to try even more yummy foods from Circle B Ranch!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Circle B Ranch to browse all of Marina's delicious products! Fresh meats and chutney, plus much more! Add a little oomph to your holiday table with goodies from Circle B Ranch! Connect through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Special thanks to Marina of Circle B Ranch for allowing me to share about her delicious Chutneys this holiday season. Look for them in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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