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Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner. It's time to say goodbye to the year that's gone by, and look ahead to a clean slate. This is the time of year that we make our resolutions, or make promises of change for the better. For some folks, they vow to get into shape, to drop bad habits, or to take on new hobbies. Resolutions can be made by car owners, too- and they really ought to be. Have you spent the time to take good care of your car in the past year? If not, it's time to make some resolutions for the new year!

The first step to making resolutions for your car is to make resolutions that you intend to keep. Make a list of resolutions that you can easily manage, or manage with the help of your family. Once you have your resolutions planned out, make a timeline that will help you know when it's time to act on the resolutions.

Here are some ideas for car resolutions to get you started...

Keep it clean
One of the easiest things that you can do is to keep your car clean. Start out by doing something simple, like adding a waste bin to your car. Keep it somewhere in the car, and encourage everyone who rides in your vehicle to place their trash in it. Remind kids that ride in your car (if any) that the floor of the car is not a place for garbage. Vacuum your car out at least once a month, and give it a good bath. If the weather is bad or temps are too chilly, take your car to a car wash, and let their employees wash and vacuum it out for you. It may cost more than it would to do it yourself, buy a small fee for the service is better than letting your car become a big mess.

Keep it organized
Add organizational accessories to your car. You can add storage pockets to the back seats. Ask kids who ride in the car to store their loose items in them. You can also buy cargo carriers and organizers to keep in the trunk, so any loose items that you like to keep back there don't wind up in a jumbled mess, or rolling around while you're driving. 

Keep it free of pet hair
This can be tricky, especially if you do a lot of traveling with your pet. Keep small pets in travel crates while they're in the car. For larger dogs, purchase a back seat pet blanket that you can throw over the back seat and wash the pet hair off of. Keep deodorizer in the car, and always make sure to have a stash of doggie pick up bags that can be easily disposed of.

Get the oil changed
Pay attention to your mileage and get your oil changed when it's the recommended time to do so.Putting it off won't do your vehicles any favors.

Take your car out for a Sunday drive
Cars are made to be driven, so why not take your car out for a nice drive, which doesn't require stopping and going every few minutes or getting stuck in traffic? Choose a long country road that your car can cruise on while you sing some of your favorite songs!

Care for it like it means something to you
Take good care of your car. Keep it protected from the elements, and work to keep it free of dents, scratches, and other mishaps. Cars are not inexpensive toys, so don't treat your car like it's disposable. You made an investment when you purchased your vehicle, and taking care of it will ensure that it'll be around for you to enjoy and get you money's worth.

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  1. Well washing your daily necessary stuff. Car need to be wash every weekend and this will help you to save some money.


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