Fishy Dishes Your Kids Will Adore

Whether it’s picking out all the carrots, refusing to eat peas or throwing a tantrum if a parsnip arrives on their plate instead of a potato kids can be quite picky. Normally, unless it’s covered in batter, served with chips or cut into small chunks children are wary of fish simply because it tastes, and looks, different to other foods. However, fish is full of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need including Omega three and six so a little helping goes a long way. However, thanks to these three kids friendly dishes you’ll soon have them begging you for second helpings and all without a fish finger in sight.

Crab Risotto With Chilli Ginger And Lime

This is a fantastic dish to give older kids on a school night as the risotto is creamy, delicious and filling which means that they won’t be rummaging for snacks five minutes later. Take a large cooking pot, or saucepan and pop a little oil and butter in the bottom, allow it to melt and then add garlic, shallots and ginger then cook until soft and golden. Next add 60 g risotto rice, some lime zest and about 40 ml of white wine, don’t worry the reduction process will take away any alcohol, and let it reduce. Add in around 200 ml seafood stock and then the crab meat, some sour cream, and the chili. Don’t worry if your kids aren’t fans of spice you can easily substitute the chili for red, yellow or green peppers

Mini Cod Cakes With Chunky Fries

Little ones will love helping you in the kitchen when it comes to making these mini cod cakes, served with chunky homemade chips. Make sure they’ve washed their hands, pop them in a child size apron and let them help you roll the fish cake balls. Take some soft, boiled potatoes, chopped onion, parsley, egg, and a stick of butter then mix them all together in a bowl. Stir thoroughly before adding flakes of cod, breaking it apart with a fork if you need to,and  shape the fish mixture into small round flat balls. Coat each one in breadcrumbs then fry for around 4-5 minutes each side until golden brown, flip over and serve with chunky home made fries. if you don’t have the time to make them from scratch then mom can buy fish cake online along with other types of seafood. 

Seafood Pasta Medley

Kids of all ages love pasta, and for some reason, little ones enjoy getting the sauce in the hair, on their fingers, behind the chair and so on. This quick, easy lemon squeezy recipe uses seafood mix; you can even buy frozen, fresh linguine, onion and garlic and a thick tomatoey sauce. Just defrost the seafood or prepare if fresh and cook the pasta until al dente then fry the onions and garlic in butter until golden brown. Add in the chopped tomatoes, a squirt of tomato puree and some basil and stir on a medium heat. When the pasta has cooked add all the seafood to the sauce, making sure it’s piping hot, and then serve on top of the drained pasta. 

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