Contrasting Rap vs Hip Hop music – Here’s what you should know

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If you pick any of the weekly music charts from anywhere in the world, one thing that you’ll notice is the inclusion of rap songs and hip-hop chartbusters. With this, you cannot rule out the fact, that both the music genres have a large fan base all over the world. For many fans, rap and hip-hop have become the meaning of their lives, where it perfectly help them to represent the ups and downs of their lives.

The distinctions in the rap vs hip hop music cannot be characterized easily. As a rule, many people are probably going to concur that rap is progressively a style of music which appears like a conversation, whereas hip-hop, on the other hand, is more like a cultural phenomenon which incorporates the styles of the era. Each of these classifications of music has possessed the capacity to set up a critical effect on the general public and prominent media. Beginning in the late 70s, the rap music scene initially settled itself in New York City, where it impacted the people from the African-American community. By the late 90s, its social impacts began to get more acknowledged and turned out to be more far reaching through media influences. Not to forget the ever-expanding predominance of jump in rap and hip hop records sales.

When all is said in done, it frequently concurs that there are three major contrasting points between the two genres of music classes, which identifies with the essence of its community, its melodic elements, and its way of life. It is these angles that are regularly used in isolating rap from hip-hop music scene and some other prominent type of music. The impact of the hip-hop and rap music, right from political issues to advertisements, has fundamentally affected numerous areas in our regular day to day life.

As to its melodic elements, hip-hop is frequently referred to as having a more rhythm and blues, which for the most part has a more fantastic groove, and gets easily connected to wide range of audience. In connection to rap, it has more of a hardcore appeal, where the lyrics relate to the audience. The lyrical part imparts the pity, happiness, and successes of the society. If you take a step back and see, the issues included in rap songs have changed considerably. Where the rappers in the 80s regularly concentrated on social issues, which were normally not mainstream in the media; we have the rappers of the 90’s who were more focused on the pursuit of happiness. Today, the rap scene observes the issues identifying the connections with political powers and corporate greed. What's more, in connection to visual treat, many would go with black and white rap videos than the peppy colourful hip-hop ones. 

Both of these music scenes are well known in the music business. In general, the rap artists are frequently observed to be predominately male, though, in the hip-hop music scene, the artists are regularly observed to be a blend of male and female. Also, in the rap music scenario, the majority of the artists are solo performers, unlike the hip-hop music, where you can find duos, trios and groups performing on the song.

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