Build & Imagine is Putting the "A" in STEAM- #MBPHGG16 #Review

Thank you to KidStuff PR and Build & Imagine for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

You may remember our last review of Build & Imagine, where we discussed the awesome-ness of these great magnetic building toys that not only kept my daughters entertained for HOURS the first time, but also fostered their creativity, imagination, and STEM learning. 

This was a little over a year ago, the girls grew and so did Build & Imagine!

Well, toy designer Laurie Peterson is back at it, and now she's bringing the "A" (art) along. That means that these already awesome sets have gone from fostering STEM learning to full on STEAM learning and have evolved from awesome to absolutely whiz-bang!

Drew with the Career Dolls Kit

Reese with the Draw and Build Dollhouse 

We had the chance to work with this great company again, this time to check out the "Draw and Build Dollhouse" and the "Career Dolls Kit". The girls love these sets just as much as the first one they received and this mom loves that the new sets works with their " Day at the Beach" playset. I also like that the dry erase markers and doll house panels allow the girls to create a new house each time they play with the set, if they choose to. 

I caught D a little off guard during design time

Reese could not be distracted, she was on a design mission!

 Just like the last time, both girls were super excited to play with the Build and Imagine sets, but because both girls are a little older and because they were able to draw their dollhouse, they spent a lot more time on setting the scenes and creating storylines. D was more into creating the "perfect" doll house and R was more interested in changing up the outfits and accessories (she was really fond of the astronaut one). They didn't spend 2 hours sitting and playing, this time, but R did spend an awful lot of time (contently) playing on her own. 

R is completely engaged in play, she didn't even notice D had stopped playing about 30 minutes before I snapped the picture!

Reese really liked dressing the dolls, her favorite outfits we the astronaut and.....

....this video game designer!

I know that the Draw & Build Dollhouse and the Career Dolls Kit will be loved and played with just as much (and now alongside of) their Day at the Beach set.

Want It? Buy It!

There are currently 7 building sets, 2 bundles, and 2 accessories packs to choose from and any of them would make a great gift this holiday season. Drew says "they are definitely fun" and Reese says "you'll love playing with them". You can purchase the sets online at the Build & Imagine online storeAmazonKohls.comBarnes and Noble (online and in store), and at select Target and specialty stores near you.

Be sure to connect (or re-connect) with Build & Imagine on the following social media sites: 

A Special Thank You to Lisa Orman at Kidstuff PR and Laurie Peterson of Build & Imagine for the chance to work with you again and to share these great toys this holiday season! 

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