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There's nothing more important than family- at least, not to me. I am blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children, neither of which would be here today if I hadn't had the love and support of my family, skilled doctors, and many friends. Neither births for either of my children were easy. My son (B) is six years old, but he didn't have such an easy entrance into the world. He was stuck in my pelvis, and after hours of pushing, my doctors advised that I undergo an emergency c-section. That decision saved my life, and B's life, too. I opted for a c-section with Baby S, as well. She had arrhythmia before birth, and was born with an irregular heartbeat. I know how important it is to have a voice that speaks up for you, for children who can't speak for themselves, etc.

Mirella Alexis

Mirella Alexis’ greatest passion in life is the well-being of children. She absolutely loves children and has been advocating for them for nearly 20 years. By providing services to new and expectant parents, and groups, Mirella Alexis is part of the 'village' it takes to raise a child.

About Mirella Alexis

As a Postpartum Doula Mirella is in homes caring for families and their newborn babies the days and weeks after they come home. Mirella and her team also provide child care workshops catering classes to needs, whether it be for parents,  nannies, non-profits, mom & dad groups, daycare providers, schools, churches, camps and anyone who works with children.

Chicago-based, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College with honors studying Music Business Management & Marketing, as well as Early Childhood Education. She furthered her education with a Masters degree in Internet Marketing. from Full Sail University.  Mirella has extensive experience and education in child development that she is constantly continuing and sharing with others. She has been a professional nanny, daycare provider, nursery attendant, camp counselor, tutor, ECE teacher (birth-2nd grade) and Newborn Care Specialist (birth-18months).

She is bilingual in English and Spanish, as well as CPR and First Aid trained and certified. She has been certified in several National Nanny Training Days, Happiest Baby on the Block, and Nanny Stella of Nanny 911 certifications. She is trained in Child Nutrition, Positive Discipline, and baby Sign Lauguage. She has been the go-to child care provider for the cast & crew of three TV shows filming in Chicago. In 2014, she was nominated for America’s Top Sitter.

Me, with Baby S just a couple of weeks after her birth.

Adjusting to home life with a new baby can be strange and taxing. For a mom who is trying to recover from a major surgery (c-section), is worried about sufficient milk supply for her newborn, is exhausted, and has a household to keep up with, the stress of it all can become entirely overwhelming very quickly. PPD (Post Partum Depression) can quickly set in, and if ignored can have a disastrous impact on a family. I felt the baby blues after the birth of each of my children, and was happy to have the knowledge and education to know to tell my husband, and other adults that I knew trusted and loved me. I relied on my 'tribe' to help me with my kids, the housework, the cooking, and even getting my son to and from school.

I wish that I'd had an in-home doula to help guide me during those first few days and weeks of life after baby. Chicago-based Mirella Alexis wants parents to feel loved and supported, which is why the Mirella team offers such wonderful services to new parents. If you're worried about what to do after you bring your new baby home, Mirella can help. Support should not end when you leave the hospital, but for many families, it does. I remember my husband and I looking at one another after we brought B home from the hospital and we laughed and said, 'Well, here we are... now what?'
 With Mirella Alexis, you'll have an in-home doula available to help you get settled, and help with other things related to bringing home baby, such as:

Breastfeeding support
Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
Light housekeeping
Running errands
Meal planning
Pet care
Assistance with newborn care
Baby soothing techniques
Sibling care
Overnight care
Offering registry assistance
Helping with nursery set up
Assisting with daycare/nanny research
Newborn photography

When I think back to how exhausted my husband and I were after we brought Baby S home from the hospital, it all seems like such a blur. We had a lot of help after B was born- from meals being brought to us to help with the cleaning and laundry. We didn't have the same experience after Baby S was born, and we found ourselves really wishing that we did. I could have used the help as I recovered from my surgery, and with meal prep, along with sibling care. Mirella Alexis provides so many wonderful services for parents, and for as little as $35.00/hour. Packages can be customized to suit the needs of the family. All services come with unlimited support by phone, email, and text. How wonderful it is that you can call or text anytime you have a question.

Mirella Alexis also offers educational workshops and training for parents, groups (churches, child care providers, organizations), one on one training, and more! They cover topics like baby essentials, bully prevention, preventing child abuse, sleep training, positive discipline, and more. There are also services available for nannies and groups.

With so many accolades and awards, Mirella Alexis is a top choice for child care, doula services, training, education, and more! 

Why not gift Mirella Alexis services this holiday season?

Looking for a great gift for new parents this holiday season? Consider gifting doula services from Mirella Alexis. The gift of support will be so appreciated by the parents- even if it's just to have an extra set of hands around while adjusting to life at home with the new baby. Having a new baby is such a joy- don't let the worry and stress of the life-changing event get you down. Mirella Alexis is just a phone call away!

Head on over to Mirella Alexis to browse more information, including services, testimonials, etc. Call for customized plans and pricing. Connect with Mirella Alexis on Facebook.

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