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The Ultimate TMNT Fan Gift for the Holidays: TMNT Party Wagon Ride-On by Kid Trax #MBPHGG16

Thank you to Kid Trax for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

When I was little, kids ride on toys were just sort of coming onto the scene. We grew up not too far outside of NYC, and didn't have a backyard or a driveway to play in. We often rode bikes in a nearby parking lot, and I was always envious of kids who had yards to play in, and had room to zoom around in the big wheels, trikes, and ride on vehicles. As much as I love city life, making sure our family had a home where the kids could play outside was important to me. B has loved playing outside since he was a tiny tot, and loves it still. If it weren't for those pesky mosquitoes (yes- even in November and December... that's NC life), we'd be out much more often than we usually are.

I love for the kids to have fun outdoor toys to play with. It really encourages them to get outside, and I have to say, even I get excited about going out and playing with their toys. B just turned six, and this year, he's been all about TMNT. He loves those ninja turtles, and anything that remotely resembles TMNT goes on his wish list. We've looked for all sorts of cool TMNT toys, and I have to say, I think I found the ultimate holiday gift for the little TMNT fan in your life.

KidTrax Toys

Have you heard of Kid Trax? Chances are you've seen some of their awesome ride ons for kids. If your kids like to zoom around the yard or in the driveway, they'll love Kid Trax's battery powered cars, trucks, and more!

We were some lucky ducks this year... we were able to connect with Kid Trax, who graciously sent us the awesome TMNT Party Wagon to check out. Now I mentioned what a big TMNT fan B is, right? He's never had a toy like this before, and when I saw this wagon, my eyes lit up, because I knew how much he was going to love it and how excited he would be. B just had a big TMNT birthday party, and we knew this surprise would take the cake!

The TMNT Party Wagon arrived in a huge box. Hubby spent a little bit of time putting everything together, and putting the stickers on. Just a warning for parents- there are pictures of the vehicle on the box, so you may want to see if your delivery service driver will deliver this when you kiddos aren't home. Our driver was awesome and called ahead. We hid the TMNT Party Wagon on the front porch, under a plastic cloth, so we could surprise B with it.

This dude was seriously stumped as to what was under the cloth.

He was so excited to see his very own TMNT Party Wagon!

The TMNT Party Wagon from Kid Trax is so cool! My hubby was so jealous, and wished he'd had a ride on toy this cool when he was a kid. The vehicle looks like the TMNT Party Wagon in the TMNT series and movies. It has all sorts of cool features. It has sewer slime on it, stickers featuring all of the TMNT characters, mirrors, a door that swings open, and more! This is a one-seater ride-on vehicle that offers tons of heroic fun!

B's all settled in and ready to test the TMNT Party Wagon out!

The back of the Party Wagon features two turtles, back lights, a pizza and a Pizza Dude License plate!

There are also holsters for TMNT battle gear toys, like this cool TMNT sword!

The battle gear toys are sold separately, but it's so cool that B can sheath his sword right in the party wagon. There's also a holder for Donnie's staff, and room for Mikey's nunchucks! B has loved getting dressed up like his favorite turtle (Mikey) and looking for Shredder and his evil gang in the TMNT Party Wagon. The Party Wagon works great in the yard. I was a little concerned that it might not work well in the grass, but was pleasantly surprised. B can steer it pretty well, though we did have to practice going in reverse a bit at first. The Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for smooth riding on grass or pavement really help to make this vehicle loads of fun!

B was so excited to show his new Party Wagon to Grammy and Pops!

The Party Wagon has been so cool to see B play with! He loves to ride it in the yard, in the driveway, and down the sidewalk. It's not too heavy for me to pick up if I need to move it. We do keep it covered when it's outside and not in use, so no moisture touches the battery. We move it inside if it's going to rain, and to re-charge the battery. The battery has to charge for a full 24 hours before you can play with the TMNT Party Wagon (heads up for Christmas- charge a day ahead of time!).

We've had so much fun with this vehicle. B really loves zipping around outside in it, and playing TMNT. I love that he can use his imagination, and the vehicle is a tool for creative play. B's reaction to the TMNT Party Wagon was just what I'd expected. He shouted, 'Wow! Just what I wanted!' He was so happy to be able to drive around in his own vehicle- just like mom and dad!

B is loving his TMNT Party Wagon by Kid Trax! Cowabunga, dude!

This fun toy gives me peace of mind in the fact that it only moves 2.5 mph. I know B wants it to go faster, but trust me when I say that 2.5 mph is fast enough for this momma! This vehicle does move forward and backwards, so your kiddos will have a lot of fun figuring out forward and reverse. Turning around in this vehicle is also interesting! B can't wait to get out and play in his Party Wagon after school each day. I love that he gets so excited about playing outside. This has been such a cool gift- one that he'll love playing with until he outgrows it.

Check out the TMNT Party Wagon in Action!

Features of the TMNT PartyWagon by Kid Trax

Calling all Ninja Turtles! Have your kid rolling in style with this action-packed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Wagon Ride-on by Kid Trax! Open the door to this one-seater funmobile and instantly become the fifth half shell hero.. if you like pizza, that is. It comes complete with ninja battle gear holsters (ninja battle gear toys sold separately) and battle armor to help the Ninja Turtles take on Shredder and his gang. This turtle-ly authentic replica is loaded with details like sewer slime and metal bars to really get that imagination churning! Includes Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for smooth riding on grass or pavement and comes with a 6V rechargeable battery and wall charger. Perfect for protecting the driveway from evildoers or a nice ride around the yard. Attention to detail and safe forward and reverse speeds of 2.5 MPH ensure this one will be a hit for the whole family. The weight limit for the TMNT Party Wagon is 75 lbs and the recommended age is 3-7.

Age Range: 3-7 years
Top speed: 2.5 mph
Power Trax rubber traction strip tires
Rechargeable battery and wall charger included
Power Trax rubber traction strip tires

Prices vary depending on retailer. Retails for $167.97 on Amazon.com.

We love this vehicle so much! I can't wait until S is a little older can have her first ride on vehicle from Kid Trax! Check out some of their other cool vehicles that would make great gifts, as well...

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If you have kiddos ages 3-7 in your lives who love TMNT, the TMNT Party Wagon is the gift to give this year! They'll never forget how awesome this gift was, and you'll never forget the priceless look on their faces when they discover this gift waiting for them! Don't forget- there are super cute Quads for toddlers by Kid Trax, too! Any of their fun vehicles would make a perfect holiday gift this season!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Kid Trax to see all of their awesome kid and parent approved ride-ons! You can get the TMNT Party Wagon online via Amazon and Walmart ($129.00). Connect with Kid Trax on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Kid Trax for allowing us to share about their cool ride on toys this holiday season!

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