Show Some Pizzazz with Paparazzi #MBPHGG16

Thank you to our friend, Leslie, at Paparazzi for sending some beautiful jewelry to try out for free... all in exchange for an honest review.   All thoughts are my own. 

Let's start first with the packaging... how cute is this? Plus it's pink and I am a sucker for anything and all things pink. 

Leslie, has been instrumental in answering all my questions to help me provide all our readers with accurate information and she thanked Me for sharing. How sweet is that?  Did you know that nickel free and hypoallergenic are two different things?  I worked for Zales for years and never knew that?
"Everything is nickel free. This is not the same as “hypoallergenic” Hypoallergenic isn’t a regulated term and could still have nickel in it. Nickel is typically the concern with allergic reactions" (Leslie). 

Leslie would love to give back and offer some giveaways for you... our readers.
In order to qualify visit Leslie's giveaway page on Facebook and join her page.  Or simply host a party with an opportunity to earn your jewelry. 

What woman does not love jewelry?  It is an expensive habit when we want a color or theme to go along with a specific outfit.  I love to color coordinate, but it tends to break the bank.  I was introduced to Paparazzi and was concerned it would be very junky items considering the price point of $5.00 each item.  I can honestly say this is not the case.  Each item pictured throughout this blog is quality made.  The earrings are comfortable and are not too heavy, the necklaces provide a gorgeous layered look, and the hair clips are super cute for this mom with super short hair. 

This has to be my favorite piece.  It is so simple, which beautiful dangling earrings,  It is light weight and the only necklace I have ever worn with my everyday necklace that has not tangled with it.  I never wear purple, but I find myself wearing it just so I can wear the necklace, although I wore all black and white the other day and it looked amazing with the outfit. 

 This bracelet is super comfortable... I type all day and have a hard time wearing bracelets because of how they sit on my wrist.  I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable this bracelet is.

This cute hair clip is so adorable.  It can be used for children or women and also can add an accent to your clothes instead of wearing it in your hair. Hair clips - all come on alligator clips for easy attaching to purses, scarves, etc.

Want them? Get them!

Questions, comments, or want it? Check out Paparazzi with Leslie.

Special thanks to Leslie for allowing me to share about this beautiful jewelry! Look for Paparazzi Accessories in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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