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Laughing All the Way Thanks to Mouthguard Challenge- the Hilarious Game for the Whole Family! #MBPHGG16

Thank you to Identity Games for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. I received compensation for sharing my thoughts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What better way to spend the holidays than laughing with your loved ones? My husband's family loves to play games. We usually round out any family dinner or celebration by playing cards or fun board games. This Thanksgiving, we had the chance to try out a new game, which everyone was dying to play! 

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Identity Games is an international award-winning game creator, producer and publisher.
Identity Games International originates from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company, founded by Albert Meuter and Emile Kalis, develops, manufactures and sells board games, card games and games with a modern technology twist. With offices in Hong Kong and Snohomish, WA, the company is working hard on expanding the business. Identity Games stands for innovation, creativity and high quality game products. The secret of a perfect game product is that players are intrigued, learn something, want to play the same game again and again and are able to play with the product for years. They never get bored.

Identity Games has a new game that we were really excited to play- Mouthguard Challenge! The game looked ridiculously fun, and the teens in our family were chomping at the bit to test this game out. Once we brought the game out, my hubby's aunt, grandmother, and even hubby wanted to play!

Mouthguard Challenge- a simple game with hilarious results.

The Mouthguard Challenge game comes with an instruction sheet, five mouthguards, and pack of challenge cards. This game is intended for players 16+. My little B wanted to play, but the mouthguards were way too big for his little mouth. He enjoyed watching the shenanigans unfold at the kitchen table, though!

These are the five mouthguards that come with the game and make you look entirely goofy!

Once you insert a mouthguard, take a challenge card and do what the card says.

It took awhile to get the game rolling, because everyone was dying laughing, looking around the table at everyone's mouthguard faces. They really do make you look very silly, so that in itself is tons of fun. Once we were able to settle down, we began the game. The youngest player went first and took a challenge card. The challenge cards are sometimes individual challenges, pair challenges, or group challenges. The cards prompt the players to do very silly things like...

Tell a joke (written on the card).

Spell a word on the card (harder than you think with the mouthguard in!)

Draw a picture holding a pencil in your mouth (with the mouthguard in)!

Say the entire alphabet!

We went around the table several times, and I think we laughed more than we actually played the game. Everyone of every age was in stitches, and everyone agreed that they hadn't laughed that hard in ages! One of our favorite challenges was to see who could blow a balled up piece of paper the furthest away on the table... it was really hard! Another cool challenge had players competing to blow out candles... all with the mouthguards in, of course!

Laughter is the best medicine, and this game sure knows how to bring it!

What we love about this game- it's fun for the whole family!

The younger kids loved just being at the table and watching the silliness unfold. I wasn't playing, just watching and taking pictures, and I was laughing the entire time. All throughout the game, family members were laughing and thinking of other family members they wanted to play the game with. I heard, 'Oh, you know who laugh their butts off?' a bunch of times! My grands-in-law borrowed the game to take with them on their trip to IN, so they could play it with our family members up there. I cannot wait to see pictures and video of them playing it!

Take a look at just how fun this game is...

The Crazy party game that's a Mouthful of Fun!

• Created by Alex Mandel

• Contains not only speaking out phrases, but also more "extreme" challenges

• Family friendly content

• Dish washer safe mouthguards

• Expansion sets available shortly online, including new challenges from Alex Mandel

• The authentic "Mouthguard Challenge" game as seen on Youtube

Based on the Youtube sensation with over 30 million views to date, Alex Mandel brings the newest Party game right to your home - "Mouthguard Challenge".

The game comes with 5 mouthguards, 51 specially developed tasks, and revenge cards. Anyone can play the game or just sit back and watch the fun. The tasks not only contain words or phrases, but also challenge you in a completely different way! Break out the laughs with this Crazy party game that's a Mouthful of Fun!

2 - 5 players, 16+ years and up.
SRP $14.99

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Identity Games to check out Mouthguard- the hilarious game you just might need a droop bib for! It's a super fun game, and it would make an excellent holiday gift! Look for Mouthguard on Amazon, at Hallmark, and other specialty retailers. Connect with Identity Games on Facebook.

Special thanks to Identity Games for allowing my family to try out this fun game, and for making us laugh so hard! Look for Mouthguard in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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