It's not always about what's in your wallet... What's in your purse?

Thank you to Saje Natural Wellness for providing me with this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.  This review is based on my own experience and my thoughts after personally using this product.

From the time my children were old enough to travel anywhere, I have carried a large purse to house all the possible things I could need to care for them on the go.  As they got older I found my purses getting larger and larger and heavier and heavier.  Something needs to give, but if I take something out I am sure I will need it.  Pocket Farmacy helps me to reduce clutter without sacrificing my child's care and causing unnecessary stops to the CVS for things I already have an abundance of.  Pocket Farmacy has 100% natural ingredients for boosting wellness.  The oils in this somewhat small pack, covers a multitude of areas in which wellness is compromised giving you the opportunity to lose the Mary Poppins bag.  There is relief for headaches, body aches, tummy aches, and all the other aches our children and we can complain about.  

Want it? Get it!

Whether you are all about natural remedies or looking to downsize your purse, Pocket Farmacy is there to help.  Visit the website to find more reviews, special offers, and more about each natural healing blend. Be sure to check out the product's page on  Facebook  too. 

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