Fairy Tales Hair Care Naturally Caring for Families since 1999 #Review

I am a SPAZ when it comes to lice! I work in an all kindergarten school and have 3 kiddos. The thought of it scares the daylights out of me every time I even hear the word "lice"!!!!! Earlier this year, I got a hot tip from my hair stylist about shampoos that helped prevent the possibility of getting lice, and we have been washing our hair with it ever since school started. Then I got an email about Fairy Tales Hare Care... Here is a little about them!

Naturally Caring for Families since 1999! That is what Fairy Tales Hair Care is all about and we are so proud to be the makers of the leading line of professional hair care for children - providing affordable, high-quality natural products for families.

My husband Robert and I launched this business with Rosemary Repel® – the first line of natural hair care products proven to help prevent head lice using organic herbs of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, lavender and geranium oils. We saw a need in our community and developed a natural solution that has helped thousands of families live lice free!

We partner with school nurses, pediatricians and moms around the country providing education, advice and products to help minimize lice outbreaks. And should an outbreak occur, we offer the only natural lice removal treatment clinically proven to eliminate lice and their nits without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

I always credit my background as a stand-up comic when asked my how I can find the humor in my new role as lice expert. But you can only imagine how a little comic relief (and a glass of chardonnay) can go a long way when dealing with a lice outbreak!

What a difference a decade can make. Robert and I have built a multi-national company and raised two amazing kids, Jack and Ava. We are reminded each day of our journey and thank the customers and friends who believed in us.

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products loaded with great ingredients at an affordable price. Our formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, we are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too!

And we are here to listen and answer any questions. Calls and emails are answered within hours – never days! We love to hear from our customers. Let us know what your family needs so we can best support you every day!

I was SO excited to try them out! Guess what? Our WHOLE family LOVES this Rosemary Repel line!!! It smells AMAZING and leaves us all with great looking hair. The gel and hairspray are light weight but very effective. The conditioning spray is AWESOME. Perfect for the in between days if your little kiddos don't wash their hair every day.

Rosemary Repel® Lice Prevention
#1 recommended by pediatricians, school nurses and moms since 1999! Clinically proven to help prevent head lice with organic herbs and natural plant extracts.

But they are not just about the lice prevention products! They have some other GREAT lines I cannot wait to try! They also have

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