Counting Down to Disney... Disney Challenge day 24.... What Disney movie makes you cry?

My kiddos and I are counting down the days to Disney and found this awesome Disney challenge and wanted to include you on the fun. Though today is NOT fun. LOL! today we are taking Disney movies that make you cry.

I have several that get me E-V-E-R-Y time!!!!

My big one is when Elle dies in Up. Carl and Elle show more love in a few minutes at the beginning of that movie than some movies do the entire time. I love the adventure he goes on for her.

My other two big ones that have really gotten me I know are directly related to my oldest daughter getting older!!!

When Andy plays with Woody one last time....

and in Inside Out with Bingbong (the imaginary friend) disappears.

The death's are ALWAYS sad... Bambi's mom, Anna & Elsa's parents, Tarzan's parents, and so many more!!!! Tune in in a couple of days to find out the saddest Disney death in my opinion.... my other big one is when Baymax falls to save Hiro <3

Now that I have made you depressed even thinking about some of the Disney sadness... What is the movie or scene that makes you cry? Comment below. We are loving hearing from you!

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  1. I know what you mean when some of these movies make you cry! They make me cry every time I see them!


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