Here at Plunder we have always had an abiding love for all things savvy and vintage. That’s how our company began! From yard sales, estate sales to my very own grandmother's jewelry box, our designs have always been shabby, chic and unfading.

One of the first pieces of Plunder jewelry ever made came straight out of my grandmother's collection, I took her brooches and trinkets and built a piece I absolutely fell in love with.

        One of the biggest treasures I have ever found was at an estate sale I came across in Alabama. A dresser full of drawers stuffed with antique gems caught my eye. I asked the women in charge how much she wanted for the collection, to which she responded that it was just a bunch of her mom's old junk, and that I could make an offer.

I bought all four drawers and retired to my hotel room ready to dive into my treasure. I discovered amongst the pieces of stray jewelry, old film canisters crowding the drawers. As I opened them and carefully extracted what was inside, I discovered beautiful brooches and necklaces carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside these old canisters to be protected.

These gently wrapped gems were a vestige of a woman’s life seventy years prior. I realized, as I examined the old tissue paper, the mentality of a generation much older than ours. Gems and jewels, be they simple costume jewelry or extravagant diamonds, were cherished pieces. They were prized by women who had much less else, during times of great hardship. In our modern times we seem to have turned into a generation of “disposables” if we don’t like something; we throw it out and run to the store for something else. Here at Plunder we are striving to bring back to life, the age-old mentality of treasured jewels, prized belongings and a grateful heart.

As I started on my journey creating these antique morsels, there was one problem. Of all my pieces I made there was only just one. How could I share my creations with the world if there was only just one?

We started looking into mass production and all of a sudden, the clouds parted and the light shined in! If I was going to share this, I wanted women of all walks of life to feel the ageless beauty that comes with wearing timeless pieces. By doing mass production we can accomplish just that! We keep our prices savvy and our customers happy!! And nothing is better than dressing yourself up in treasured, classic and sensible pieces!

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