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Stop! Look! and Listen: #BookReview

We teach our kids the importance of listening to our directives in order to keep them safe. As they grow up we expect them to listen just because “We said so”. They do their best, but there are those moments in which they test our very limits. Why? We never did the things they are doing…

Okay, so seriously, we have. Did we forget what it is like to be a kid? I know for me it is hard to remember what it was like and so I feel like no one was listening to me when I was a kid. Now I watch my son and unfortunately have fallen into bad habits and I don't listen like I used to. It's not that I'm always busy but I seem to lack the motivation. Overall I believe it is affecting our relationship and it will affect relationships in his future.

I was given the opportunity to read the book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges by Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore. It describes scenarios in which a kid may act out, but it also explains how we can listen. While actions are not verbal, verbal cues are given for each scenario. My son is 15 years old and I don't claim to be a perfect parent. I think everybody needs some help sometimes. This book will enlighten parents of kids of all ages. It will remind us to listen and be there for our children.

Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore

Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a teenager, Listen:Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, can help you and your child handle life's challenges and build a stronger bond with one another. You can order the book directly from The Hand In Hand Parenting website, where you will also find many other parenting tools.
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Special Thanks to our friend Johanna at JRB Communications, LLC for the opportunity to review this title and share it with our readers!

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