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Keep Summer Boredom at Bay With Mail Order Mystery- #Review

Thank you, Mail Order Mystery, for sending me product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts and opinions shared below are completely my own. 

Over the last 6 weeks, the girls have been exercising their sleuthing skills, thanks to the wonderful folks at Mail Order Mystery. This company puts together a captivating story, that comes together through a series of mailings, giving children the opportunity for an adventure from the comfort of home. These mysteries are assembled with kids ages 8 and up in mind, but, both of the girls (and I) were drawn right in as soon as the first letter arrived. 

We received the Treasure Hunt Mystery and each week, the girls received a piece of mail that helped weave a story about their (fictional of course) 6-times Great Grandfather Wigglesworth!

The first week, they received a letter in the mail from a woman, indicating that while doing some renovating, she discovered the following items in her wall! D was a little nervous about the "Pirate Curse", so I ended up spilling the beans that this was just for fun. Afterward, we spent quite some time trying to crack the code on the back of the old letter. 

Thankfully, the following week, an issue of a magazine arrived, which proved to be quite helpful in cracking the code!

Once we had the key, solving the code was pretty simple. 

D was really quick to determine each letter in the code.

R did a great job taking notes!

Once we figured it out, we had to wait for the next step. There was some discussion of finding contact information for the woman who sent us the letter directly, but we didn't get around to that because....

...the girls received a letter from her nephew, who works as a curator. He was offering up some advice (mainly to avoid a certain person) and encouraging the girls to contact him and let him know what was in the original package his aunt had sent.

He also sent on a pretty cool key! The girls were left wondering exactly what it was for. 

A letter from the man we were warned to avoid!?!??
Things are getting pretty complicated.

 Journal Excerpt

Because I don't want to ruin the fun for anyone who is just starting their Mail Order Mystery journey, I have to refrain from sharing the rest of our pictures. However, I will tell you that your kids are going to love the adventure and you are going to love how the mystery captures (and keeps) their attention, encourages them (in a not at all obvious way) to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and (for those of you with more than one child) gets your children to communicate and work together!

Want It? Buy It!

Visit the Mail Order Mystery Website to select a mystery for your favorite young person (or young people) today. You can even select the approximate date you'd like the first installment of the mystery to arrive! If you'd like to keep up to date about new mysteries, special deals, and other mysteriously mysterious news be sure to sign up for the Mail Order Mystery Newsletter. You can follow Mail Order Mystery on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest as well!

Thanks again to the fine folks at Mail Order Mystery, for the opportunity to share this wonderful product with our fabulous readers!

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