Counting Down to Disney... Disney Challenge Day 4... Who is your favorite Prince??

My kids and I are having a little fun with you guys while counting down our days till we leave for Disney World <3 Today on our Disney Challenge, we are talking Princes!

Mine... Prince Ali, yes it is he, A-li-a-ba-bwa....

Who is your favorite Prince? The kids and I are waiting to hear from you!! Let us know in a comment below =)


  1. This may just be the hardest one yet.... We LOVE Aladdin! We also LOVE Flynn aka Eugene! We really LOVE Kristoff too and he might be our pick of the next one isn't counted. I think We would have to say petter pan even though he is not technically a prince due to his age?

  2. Flynn is my other favorite! He is the Disney Prince version of my Hubby :p

  3. I have a tie haha! I love Prince Eric, he took on Ursula. But I also have much love for Beast. He had such hard times but saw the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  4. Both good ones too Stacy! Million dollar question (no real money to be exchanged :p ) Do you know Beast's real name? Don't cheat and google! LOL!!!

    1. Just saw this! I want to say Adam, but I'm not sure he actually had a name in the movie. But, now I am going to google it haha

  5. I LOVE Flynn! I think its the smolder ;)


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