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Sunday Inspiration- Be Inspired By Your Younger Self!

I feel a little silly for admitting this, but I saw this commercial recently and for days I was wondering how younger me would react to the me now. 

My life is different than I had imagined it would be when I was younger. I know many people could say that, but when I think about it, the biggest thing that stands out is that I really thought I would be a lot more "brave and outgoing". 

I thought social awkwardness was just a phase I would get over once I hit my 20s. Like one day I would just wake up and be able to talk to anyone I wanted and everything would be cool. I'm 36, it still hasn't happened! In fact, there is nothing I find more uncomfortable than talking to people I don't know and if it weren't for work, I would avoid it at all costs!

However, this commercial has reminded me to be inspired by my younger self. I'm inspired to think about the goals younger me had, and see:  if I have lived up to them, if they were worthwhile or just silly (marry a pop star and live in a mansion type "goals"), or if they are something I should still strive toward. 

I know one goal I'm going to continue to pursue, and that's becoming more outgoing. It'll start with little steps of making an effort to talk to people and purposely pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. It's not going to be easy, but I'm inspired to go from the "quiet at first" person to the "she's so welcoming/kind/confident" person! 

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