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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Separation Anxiety

Happy Saturday and early Mother's Day everyone! Today is going to be a crazy busy day for the Wigglesworth crew, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

I have an event to work today, here in Connecticut, but Matt and the girls are heading to Rhode Island with his folks. I was already bummed to miss spending most of today with my family, but something about them going out of state and the idea that they won't be home when I get home, is really getting to me. 

I've been doing this "Mom thing" for the last 8 years, and I still don't feel entirely comfortable letting go. I really don't like that they are leaving the state without me, but at least their Dad will be with them, and that makes me feel a tiny bit better. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Do you have any special plans? 


  1. Im sorry you don't get to enjoy that time with them. I don't like letting my daughter go off either. we are having lunch with friend tomorrow and I hope that will be lots of fun

  2. Separation always seems to be harder for me than it is for my kids.


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