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The Ultimate Diaper Bag Secret Weapon: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste #Review + #Giveaway

Thank you to Boudreaux's Butt Paste for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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With babies, there are a lot of different areas of special care needs. One of the things I didn't miss after my firstborn was older, was having a baby in diapers and dealing with diaper rash. He had sensitivity to certain diapers and wipes, and wound up with a diaper rash more times than I can remember. Baby S is 7 weeks old, and has already had a couple of bad diaper rashes. Diaper rash is extremely uncomfortable for baby, and just seeing it makes any mommy's heart hurt for their little one.

When diaper rash abounds, you want to treat it immediately, with the very best product available. For us, we've found that Boudreaux's Butt Paste works the best for diaper rash treatment and diaper rash prevention..

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Boudreaux's Butt Paste was created by a dad and pharmacist named George. The diaper rash products in his drugstore were not that effective and contained harsh ingredients. So he came up with his own formula, one that could be effective without harsh chemicals. Soon everyone in town was talking about Boudreaux’s “butt paste” and the rest, as they say, is baby butt history.

We were sent three different Bourdreaux's products to try out, and I was very excited, because it seems like every few days, Baby S has an irritated bum. I chalk the rash up to certain foods in my diet that is passing through breastmilk, and irritating her when it comes back out. We're very proactive about changing diapers frequently, but S has been sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches at night (which is great for us, but not always kind to the bottom). Diaper rashes aren't fun, no matter how you slice it.

Max Strength Butt Paste

The Maximum Strength Butt Paste is the mother of all diaper rash creams. This is a max strength zinc oxide formula, which treats and protects against diaper rash. This is our go-to formula for when Baby S has a really bad diaper rash. At just a couple of weeks old, she had a rash that looked so bad, her little bum was red and raw. We eventually figured out that the wipes we were using were making it worse, and switched to using Water Wipes. The Max Strength Boudreaux's helped the rash to clear up, and helped her little bum to heal within just a day's time. I was so surprised at how quickly it worked.

Starts healing on contact
40% zinc oxide
Paraben-, preservative- and phthalate-free
Maximum strength treatment and protection

The Original Butt Paste is a must-have for the changing table.

We have lots of Original Boudreaux's on hand. I even have some for the diaper bag, and then other tubes to leave at my mom and mother-in-law's homes. This is the formula that we use with every diaper change. Even if S doesn't have a rash, this really helps to keep her bottom comfortable, and works to prevent a rash from happening in the first place. We may use it at every other diaper change during the day, but we're sure to use it at every diaper change during the night, since she's going for longer stretches without being changed.

Treats and prevents diaper rash
16% zinc oxide
Paraben-, preservative- and phthalate-free
Pharmacist’s original family formula

Don't forget the Boudreux's when you pack the diaper bag!

The Natural formula is gentle, and fast acting. It includes aloe, which is so nice on the skin. This is a great formula for babies who might have skin sensitivities, like my son did. It's also a great choice for summertime, and smells great.

Soothes on contact
16% zinc oxide
Natural ingredients
Paraben-, preservative- and phthalate-free
Creamy rash relief with soothing aloe

I love all three of these formulas, and use them at different times, depending on the severity of the rash. All of the formulas are thick, and are easy to apply in a convenient tube packaging. It's easy to toss it into the diaper bag and get going, as well.

Wherever your summer travels take you, you won't want to forget about Boudreaux's when it comes time to pack the diaper bag. If you spend a lot of time at the beach, lake or the pool during the summer and you're constantly dealing with wet little ones, make sure you have this awesome tool on hand! Boudreaux's is a must for the diaper bag and the changing table!

Want it? Get it!

Look for Boudreaux's Butt Paste at various retailers and drug stores. Head on over to Boudreaux's to learn more about their awesome products. Connect with Boudreaux's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Grab your Boudreaux's coupon & save!

Want it? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a Boudreaux's Butt Paste Prize Pack! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for complete details.

Special thanks to our friends at Boudreaux's Butt Paste for allowing us to share about their rash-busting formulas, and for offering this giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. I'm sure they're all good, but I love the Original. Tried and true, and it works!

  2. The all natural butt paste!

  3. The Maximum Strength Butt Paste sounds great.

  4. I'd love to try the Rash Preventor

  5. I would get the all natural butt paste

  6. I would like to try their Natural cream. I currently use the Maximum Strength but it is the only one I have tried.

    Thank you!

  7. For diaper rash treatment...I always do 1) lots of diaper free time 2) organic coconut oil on the rash 3) I put the Maximum Strength Butt Paste on top of the coconut oil

    Within hours its usually gone. I think the worst diaper rash my daughter had was still cleared up within 24 hours

  8. I'd like to try the all natural.

  9. I would really LOVE to try the Boudreaux's Butt Paste All Natural. :)
    I would love to try all of the products, I have friends that use this on their kids. I want to try it on my twins for their diaper rash.
    faithrains2387 (at) yahoo.com

  10. For diaper rash, we will sometimes allow it to dry out by not putting a diaper on for a few hours at a time to help the situation.


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