See a Doctor On Demand without Leaving Your House #DoctorOnDemand

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With a new baby at home, my time is extra precious. The last thing I want to have to do is take my baby out in the sun or to battle germs in the doctor's office if I (or my five-year-old) happen to get sick. Thankfully, there's Doctor On Demand, a fast, easy & convenient way to see a doctor via video appointment from the comfort of home. Patients have the ability to see board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, and doctorate-level psychologists, right from their computer, tablet or smartphone, anytime! No more scheduling appointments and running aroung when you're feeling your worst.

Doctor On Demand is easy to use!
Simply download the DOD App, provide your list of symptoms, and you'll be instantly conneced for a video visit. Visits are $40.00 or less, and covered by many health plans. You can find out your cost when you register.

Don't spend your time getting the whole household ready to head to the doctor's office. Get connected to a certified doctor in about three minutes- right fom home. Doctor On Demand doctors can diagnose & treat a number of different conditions, and provide prescription refills.

Try it!

Want to give Doctor On Demand a try? 
Use code WITHOLIVIA10 to receive $10.00 off your first visit.
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Be well!

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