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Bathing a baby can be a sweet, silly, and sometimes anxiety-inducing experience. For new parents, baby's first bath at home can be a little tricky. When I was a new mom five years ago, the bath and nighttime sleeping were the two scariest things to me. We stuck with sponge baths for a very long time, because I was terrified of what might happen to my baby in the tub, even though I never took my hands off of him. Now that Baby S is here, I'm well versed in bathtime routines, but was looking for a safer alternative for bathing her.

Blooming Bath - The Best Baby Bath Solution

I first heard about Blooming Baby and the Blooming Bath a few years ago, but it was well after B had grown into a toddler, and we didn't have a use for such a product. With Baby S, I was excited to give the Blooming Bath a try for her first real bath at home.

Eric Devericks was a professional cartoonist. Brian Pond designed golf putters. David Morelock loved to surf. And Tom Morris was a proud geek.
  The four friends couldn’t have been more different. But they all had one thing in common: They were dads — and they prided themselves on being good ones.
  Change a diaper? No sweat. Soothe a screaming newborn? Right away. Pull a splinter? Kiss a boo-boo? Laugh at really bad knock-knock jokes? Of course.
   But there was another thing they had in common — experience with a chore that really shouldn’t be a chore.
 “When your baby’s so soapy and slippery and squirmy and when you’re trying to bend over a tub or keep them in place in the sink — frankly, it just takes a lot of the enjoyment out of a moment that should be such a great time,” Morelock said.
  Together, the four fathers co-founded the new company. And after more than a year of hard work, they rolled out their first product: Blooming Bath. The flower-shaped bath pillow conforms to the shape of any sink — and keeps those little wiggle worms right where they belong. It’s durable, easy to clean and unbelievably adorable.

We were sent our very own Blooming Bath in pink to try out with Baby S.

I love the Blooming Bath packaging. It's a clear plastic package with a zip top, and a cut-out in the front, so you can actually touch and feel the plush bath pillow before purchasing. Not only is the packaging consumer-friendly, directions for use and storage are right on the back. I appreciated that this product didn't come with a lot of extra info on paper.

The Blooming Bath, along with the Petals wash cloths are the perfect gift combo!

As I removed the Blooming Bath from its packaging, I couldn't believe how soft it was. It was so cozy, I could just picture Baby S feeling safe and secure, not to mention warm while being cradled by this plush and colorful bath pillow. The pink coloring is so vibrant, and the soft middle (bottom) is extra soft for baby to sit on.

To give you an idea of the size of the Blooming Bath, here it is sitting atop our changing table.

The Blooming Bath is a large bath pillow- perfect for infants and growing babies. It fits right into your sink or tub to create a safe, soft bathing experience for baby. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to keep a safe grip on a soapy, slippery, wiggly baby, who can't yet support themselves. Keeping your hands on baby while juggling the soap and washcloths can be hard enough. No parent should have to fight at bathtime to make sure it's a safe bathing environment. Blooming Bath takes all of the anxiety and the guesswork out of the equation.

The back of the Blooming Bath includes a handy tag that you can easily slip your hand through for carrying purposes.

The tag issues a reminder to parents to keep hands on baby while using the Blooming Bath.

The Blooming Bath fits right into the basin of our kitchen sink.

Our sink is a double sink, and the basins are deep, but on the small side. The Blooming Bath fit perfectly into our sink basin, making it a soft, safe place for us to bath Baby S. S is still tiny- just one month old, so we've been giving her sponge baths up until this point. S' bellybutton has been falling off a little at a time, and the there's still a little bit of the stump attached, so we still can't submerge her in water. The Blooming Bath is the perfect solution to being able to safely bath her somewhere other than on her changing table, just wiping her down with washcloths.

It is not recommended that you let the water build up in the sink for baby to be left sitting in a pool of water. Use your judgement as to what is best for your baby... and remember- keep hands on baby at all times while using the Blooming Bath.

I have enjoyed the ease of use of the Blooming Bath. I can give S a bath without assistance from my spouse, whenever it's convenient for me to do so. I love the idea of establishing a bath and bedtime routine with S this early, but the reality is that our lives are crazy, and we won't always be able to stick to it. Right now, S is being fully bathed just once or twice a week. Young babies don't need to be bathed so often, since their skin is so sensitive.

Blooming Bath is easy to use, and easy to dry.

The Blooming Bath can be quickly dried in the dryer, or can be hung to dry on a drying rack, or over the tub. S has seemed perfectly happy in the Blooming Bath. She has not liked being washed down on her changing mat, and who could blame her? In the Blooming Bath, she is cradled by the flower, and by my hands. She can be upright to take in the experience and the world around her.

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Features of the Blooming Bath

Our signature product, the Blooming Bath for babies, is beloved by parents and babies around the world. Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in a hard plastic tub when they could surround their little one in the cuddly softness of an adorable plush flower?

Parent Tested Parent Approved WinnerWinner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award! PTPA is the largest parent-testing community and seal of approval recognized worldwide.

*Available in a variety of colors.

We also received a package of the Petals Plush Washcloths from Blooming Baby.

The Petals Plush Washcloths are a newer product from Blooming Baby, and are super soft! We received the Petals in pink, to match the Blooming Bath. They are just as plush and soft as the actual Blooming Bath, and S absolutely loves how they feel against her soft baby skin. Other washcloths can be harsh and irritating, especially when wet, but these are extra gentle on baby's skin.

Large, extra soft washcloths- perfect for baby!

Large size is ideal for bathing baby.

The Petals come in a pack of three washcloths. They are very absorbant, and are fast drying, too! I like them so much that I want some of these for myself!

Features of the Petals Washcloths

Ultra Soft & Plush Washcloths

Petals Washcloths don’t fall far from the flower. Quite literally. Our ultra-soft washcloths are made from the exact same plush polyester materials that babies enjoy while taking a soak in our Blooming Bath for babies bathtub.
*Available in yellow, blue and pink.

Both the Blooming Bath and the Petals Washcloths would make a winning combination for a baby shower gift! If you're searching for a unique and special gift, this is the one to look for!

Other products by Blooming Baby include Blooming Bags, Baby Carrier, Bath Accessories, and more!

I am so glad to have the Blooming Bath and Petals Washcloths. They have already made bathtime much more enjoyable for me, and for Baby S. We are both at ease while using it, and it's much more convenient than trying to bath her in a plastic tub or bath seat. This is a must-have product for parents.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Blooming Baby to browse all of their wonderful products, including the Blooming Bath and Petals Washcloths. You can shop direcly on the Blooming Baby website, or look for their products at select retailers. Connect with Blooming Baby through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Blooming Bath from Blooming Baby- a $39.99 RV. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes. Just use the Handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for complete details.

Special thanks to our friends at Blooming Baby for allowing us to experience their beautiful Blooming Bath and Petals Washcloths, and for offering this sweet giveaway for our lovely readers.


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