Spring in The Capitol! #cherryblossoms

If you have ever been to Washington D.C. in the spring, chances are you made sure to see the Cherry Blossoms planted along the Tidal Basin. Each year the city holds a 3 week long festival to commemorate the gift of the more than 3000 trees from the Mayor of Tokyo in 1912. In a fun twist in history, the gift of the Cherry Blossoms came full circle in the 80's when the US gave the Japanese government clippings from them to replace trees that were lost in severe flooding in Japan.

Annually the Cherry Blossom Festival seems to grow and attract more visitors to the region in hopes of catching these beauties at their "peak bloom". Generally this happens sometime around the last week or so of March and first week or two of April. This year the festival  is running from March 20- April 17th. Special events such as planting ceremonies, concerts, and parades happen on the weekends. You can enjoy family-fun on the Tidal Basin either walking around and catching the beauty, or enjoying the trees from afar on a paddle boat. Another one of our MBP bloggers, Bianca- will be visiting the Tidal Basin for a first hand tour later this week. Check back to see some up close pictures from her adventure!

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