Don't Miss Out On the Gift of Today #MondayMotivation

Isn't it amazing how one day can change your whole world? Last Monday, we woke up in our home, and it seemed like an ordinary day. We got our little man off to school, did a few things around the house, but then headed to the hospital where we would later be meeting our baby girl. It was a scary, and beautiful day. I was filled with anxiety, but I couldn't wait to hold my daughter in my arms, and more than that, I couldn't wait for B to meet his baby sister for the first time.

Now one week later, we are resting at home, and adjusting to life as a family of four. Gosh, it sure is different. I am trying to divide my attention between two children, and remember how to function with a newborn. I know that it will take time to get used to this new way of life together, but I wouldn't go back and trade it for anything in the world. We are so happy to have this newfound love, and are just beaming over watching our son become a big brother. He already loves his sissy so much.

Sometimes as I glance my Facebook newsfeed, I see photos of the kids I use to babysit for, or watch over at church when I was a teenager. These kids are now in high school or college- some are even getting married and starting families of their own, and I just can't believe how quickly the years have passed. Our parents always told us to enjoy our youth, because it would quickly slip away, and the years would go by in a flash. I hate to admit it, but they were right. I don't want to turn back the hands of time, but I am reminded to take each day at a time, and to cherish every moment. All too often I take life for granted. I take time with my kids for granted. I spend more time staging photos than being in the moment with my family. I don't want to miss out on special family time- no one is guaranteed another day.

Don't miss out on the gift of today!

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