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What to do on Rainy Days With The Kids

It’s raining, and you’ve got a houseful of kids. What do you do? No, you can’t get possibly put on Frozen yet again. Seriously, as wonderful as that film is, it tends to get tedious after the 19th million repeat. See also, Despicable me and just about any film that's been popular in the last twenty years. How many parents have been driven to the edge by the refrains of “Let it Go” we'll never know, but enough is enough! 

So how can you keep your kids amused when it’s just too miserable to go outside. If your kids are still on their Easter break, then this might be something you’re dealing with right this very minute. Considering it is meant to be spring, the weather still isn’t all that great. And it’s a long old vacation when you have a few kids in tow. The last thing you want is them getting bored; that’s just a license for them to start playing up. And let's face it, you’re going to need a lot of patience of the next week or two, so it really does pay to keep the little ones as busy as you can!

Why not combine learning with cooking? The best thing about having a pizza party is you get to eat the fruits of your labour at the end. Knock up a batch of pizza dough and let them get creative with toppings! If you’re feeling lazy or out of ingredients, pitta bread makes a smart alternative. You can use odds and ends cheese you have left in the fridge. The less food waste you produce, the better for the environment, so you’re also saving the planet, too!

If your offspring love arts and crafts, then why not have a making day. It’s a good idea to be prepared for this one. You can usually get any findings or extra bits and pieces you might need at a craft or bead store. Why not try making some jewellery with letter beads, and your children will also have something unique to keep at the end of your fun day. It’s also a very good idea to name a few extra items - always useful for a birthday or a visit from Granny!

Take the opportunity to get green fingered even if the garden is out of bounds. Potting up seeds and plants can teach your kids lots about how things grow. It may even make the be more likely to eat their veggies if they have helped nurture the from seed. Making sure your kids now where food comes from will help them understand more about life and nature. 

Have you got any brilliant ideas for keeping kids amused on rainy days? It’s not always easy, but if you’re smart, you can even turn things like tidying up into a fun game that will also see off an hour or two. The days can be long when you’re stuck indoors, but don't despair. Sunny days will soon be here again! 

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