Keep The Kids Entertained For Hours With These Nifty Electronics

Adult life can be extremely busy and stressful at times. On top of work, household chores and leisure time, some of us have kids to look after and nurture. You may not feel you have enough time to devote to them, but some modern tech allows you to kill two birds with one stone. You can keep the kids entertained and satisfied while you work on your taxes or cook dinner, so it’s win/win!

This post will run through a few nifty modern gadgets that can help keep your children occupied. It may be a hefty upfront cost for some, but in the long run, it will be more than worth the investment.

Budget tablets for kids

Tablets aren’t just for adults, you know. In fact, many manufacturers bank on the fact that your kids would love to watch movies and play games for hours on end. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is custom built for youngsters, and can even be replaced for free if the kids break it. It’s cheap too, clocking in at around £60 depending on retailer.

Build a home theatre!

Going to the movies with the kids can be expensive. Very expensive. Once you’ve factored in car parking, snacks and tickets, you can easily be in excess of £50. Do this multiple times a year and you’re looking at hundreds of pounds just to watch the latest animated movies. There’s a reason why so many people opt for a home theatre; it can be a cheap way to bring that movie magic right home!

Invest in a Samsung Bluray player to ensure you get the best high-def picture. Don’t forget those speakers either, and a basic 5.1 set will make sure you have the sound to match. Then all you need is a movie; most Bluray’s range from £4 to £15 for new releases. Again, in the long term, this investment will pay off when factored against cinema-going costs.

Remote control toys and accessories

Remote control toys can bring a sense of wonder to the whole family. That tiny robot will come alive and wander about the house, and it’s very entertaining to watch. Remote control toys are all the rage nowadays, so why not jump on the bandwagon?

The range of options you have is massive. You could opt for a Spero BB-8, and bring that Star Wars magic to the living room. Remote control drones are also very popular, and range from budget ones to the more extravagant machines. What’s more, drones can be taken outdoors, ensuring your kids get that vital supply of fresh air!

Race cars and tracks

Everyone had a Scalextric set when they were a kid. Watching those cars whizzing round the track at high speed was utterly thrilling. The modern equivalent, Anki Overdrive, features a swappable track and extremely fast racecars at a budget price.

Fun for kids of all ages, all it takes is a press of a button and the cars will move round a pre-built track. Seriously, this electronic has a hypnotic ability. It’s easy to lose hours and hours watching those vehicles speed round the track.

Above all, just keep their leisure time fun and you’ll see results! For more on keeping your children occupied, check out our tips on getting them to care for the environment.

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