Three Ways to Make Your Move More Pleasant

Buying a new home is an exciting thing. But once you’ve actually got the property, the whole thing can seem a little daunting! There is so much to do when you’ve got an empty property that needs filling and setting up. Here are a few pointers about setting up your new home correctly.

Get personal items in there quickly

Moving into a new home is always a little overwhelming. To help you get through the process of moving around, you need things that anchor you. What does that mean? It means items that relate directly to you that will instantly remind you of your personality and your history. It will help lessen that slightly “alien” feeling you get when you’re in a new place.

So if you have family photos or personal art pieces that you love, get them on display as soon as possible. If you have a favourite seat, get that in there before any of the others. Get any such personal items in there to help you feel a bit more comfortable sooner.

Sort out utilities as soon as possible

Many new properties won’t be set up with all the utilities you want. Electricity, phone services, television, Internet; all that stuff. At first, it can seem like a massive drag having to do this yourself. But this is actually a great thing. By being the person to set this all up, you have total control over what companies and packages you deal with.

People who rent may find themselves lumped with a poor Internet connection or expensive electricity. There’s often not a lot they can do about it; it’s the landlord’s decision, and they generally don’t want to switch things around. By setting these things up yourself, you shouldn’t have this problem. You can ensure you get the best Internet connection and download speeds or the best rates from electric companies. This will help you out in the long run! You’ll have the power to switch services whenever you want (if your utility contracts allow it!). Remember to start setting up utilities before you move into the house. Otherwise you’ll be left without some services when you move in!

Consider not bringing everything into your new home

A new home is a chance to modernize yourself and your belongings. It’s also a chance to shed yourself of any superfluous items. While you’re packing for your move, don’t just throw everything into bags and boxes and move it from one place to another. I know you’re eager, but be more strategic about what you’re bringing!

Over time, we tend to accumulate a lot of junk we don’t really need. But who has time to comb through all the belongings to sort it all out? Well, seeing as you’re moving house, you kind of have to look through all your belongings! Take this opportunity to have a brutal clearout. This article provides a great guide for decluttering your home. You should take “decluttering your home” to mean “not cluttering up your new home” in this context!

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