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Is Your House Practical? Design Ideas for Moms

When you are a mom, you are constantly wondering why your house is always a mess. No matter how much you clean, the kids come in like a tornado and turn everything upside down again. I have come to terms with this fact. Now, rather than try to fight it, I make sure my home is set up to be as practical as it can be. By making my house cleaning-friendly and clutter-free, I can get things looking like normal pretty quickly. Check out my ideas to making your house as practical as can be. 

Shoe cleaner
It is a great idea to place a shoe cleaner outside your front or back door. If the kids have been running around and gotten themselves muddy, make sure they don’t trail any of it into the house. They can wipe their shoes on the cleaner before entering, which your flooring will thank you for. My favourite is this hedgehog cleaner; it is so cute to place outside your door. 

Put away valuable ornaments
If you are worried about your favourite ornaments getting broken, it is probably time to put them away. It doesn’t matter how much you love that vase, or how well you think it matches your decor, just move it. It’s better to have it safe and out of sight, than in a hundred pieces. Maybe place them in a room that the kids don’t go into very often or put it into storage until they are bit older. 

Washable Fabrics
Whatever you plan to buy is more than likely to be destroyed in an accident. Whether it is one of the kids spilling their juice on the sofa, or a friend knocking a glass of red wine onto the carpet, there is bound to be a spillage. Stick to leather couches which are easy to wipe clean. If you think they are too plain, you can dress them up with a patterned throw, or bright cushions. These can be thrown in the washing machine if they get messy too. 

I think it is a good idea to stay clear of carpets if you can. Opt instead for surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Laminate flooring not only looks great, but it is resilient against scratches and can be mopped clean of any spills or messes. 

Start protecting your furniture
Families are messy. We know that. But you can protect your surfaces from getting damaged by your kids (or even you!) by protecting them with protective sprays. Varnish wooden furniture to stop it getting damaged. In your kitchen, invest in things like worktop protectors. Try to avoid abrasive cleaners and think about sealing your worktops too.

Get the kids involved
Whilst this is the last point, it is probably the most fun and most important. If you kids are anything like mine, they will love getting creative. Therefore, involving your kids in decorating the house - or their rooms at least - will be great fun for them. You never know what fantastic ideas they might come up with. Even if it is something as simple as painting their room in their favourite colour. Don’t stress too much if they choose a crazy colour, it isn’t difficult to repaint later down the line to a more neutral colour. 

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