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SpinForce R/C Battle game now better than ever!! #Review

As Seen At Toy Fair 2016, Best Seller SpinForce Now Upgraded With Superior Quality, Reliability, Functionality For Kids Of All Ages

If you live in a household that loves to battle it out for bragging rights (arm wrestling? video games?) there’s a new arena to flex those fingers – the 2016 SpinForce R/C ($39.99).  Kids, teens and especially Dads will get a thrill from racing two cars by remote control in a circular dome as gravity, G-forces and a bit of strategy combine for a side-by-side race. Toy maker Jupiter Creations has taken its best seller and made it even better for 2016 play.

Master B had NO idea what was in this box... so I LOVE the look on his face when he opens it!!! He was so excited!!!

He squealed with excitement as he saw what was inside!!!

He was explaining it to his sister, challenging her to a duel before we even got it out of the box ;)

They were both so excited!

They could not have gotten it out of the box and assembled quick enough! They were ready to BATTLE!

Directions seemed easy enough. Even for this momma!

Here are the pieces to the battle arena. 3 yellows, 3 blacks, the 2 pieces that snap into the center, and the posts. NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!!

Everything just snaps together. Some of the pieces slid in really easy, some needed a little more attention... but it was SUPER EASY and took less than 10 minutes to unbox and set up!!!

While I put the track together, they put the stickers on their cars.

You will need 8 AAA batteries for this set!!!!! Each remote control and each car takes 2 batteries a piece.

They are ready to BATTLE!!! One of the cool things about this set that I didn't snap a pic of, is that each car and each remote has a tiny sticker on it so they know which remote goes to which car! Saves A LOT of headache and arguing! lol

Here it is in action!!!! My son has laughed like this the ENTIRE weekend playing with it! After hours of playing it yesterday, they woke up and busted it out to play again before they even had breakfast!

My kiddos regularly play with cars, and another awesome thing about this is that when they knock each other out, and the car goes under the couch/tv/wherever... you don't have to move the couch!!!! They just use the remote and it comes flying out =)

I think any kid would be THRILLED with this SpinForce Remote Controlled Battle Game! SO MUCH FUN!!! Great for a birthday gift or something from the Bunny!

WANT IT?!?! BUY IT!!!!!!!!

Jupiter Creations SpinForce R/C Battle is available online on

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