Have You Kept Your New Year's Resolutions?

Despite your good intentions, have you stuck to your new year’s resolutions? We’re not even three months into 2016 yet, but the odds are that they've fallen by the wayside. Don’t beat yourself up about it, most of the promises people make on NYE are forgotten as soon as they are uttered. And if not then, within a few days, or at the maximum a week or two. There’s no need to feel bad, though; you’re definitely not by yourself on this one! 

If your goal was to get fitter but you still haven’t been near a gym, it’s time to get going. Embrace your promises you made at the start of the year. Get yourself signed up and make an appointment with one of the in-house personal trainers. They’ll help you devise a workout that is suitable for your level of fitness. If you tell them your goals, they’ll tailor your routine to help you achieve them. Did you sign up at New Year? If the only thing active about your membership is the direct debit, then bite the bullet and go back. There’s no point paying out all that money and not go, is there. 

As your aim to lose weight? Have you managed to drop a few pounds or have you piled them on? If you're still sporting a muffin top, then don’t despair. There’s still time to lose weight before summer! If you want to save yourself from buying new clothes til you drop a few pounds, here's a genius hack - use a pant extender. These crafty contraptions sit under your belt and give you an extra few inches of room to move. They can also come in handy if you suffer from bloating at that time of the month too. There's nothing worse than feeling your clothes dig in, and it doesn't look so hot, either!

Did you resolve to drink less? If you’ve managed to cut down then well done, but if you haven’t it could be time for a wake-up call. Here’s a fine line between social drinking and having a problem with alcohol. Just because you don't down booze for breakfast doesn't mean you don’t have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. If you’re drinking too much, then you could be damaging your body without even realising. Some of the symptoms that go hand in hand with overindulging on the hard stuff take a while to show. In fact, by the time they do appear irreparable damage may have already been done. If you’re worried about how much you are drinking, make an appointment to see your Doctor. They can help and advise you how to cut down, or stop altogether. 

New Year's Resolutions are often hard to keep, but it can be done. But you can make resolutions at any time, not just on January the first. You can continually set yourself new goals. Soon, you’ll be on the way to a happier, healthier you. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing something about it! 

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