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A Foolproof Guide To Traveling With Children

Traveling with children can be a minefield. There are routines to think about and potential tantrums to avoid. If you’re heading off on holiday this spring, here are some helpful tips to make the process of getting to your destination run smoothly.

Prepare in advance
Preparation is key when travelling with children. Write down a list of things you need to buy for your holiday and tasks you need to complete. Try to be as organised as possible and get all your washing and packing done a couple of days before you go. If you have older children, encourage them to help you out. Don’t forget medication and a first aid kit. 

Work out logistics, such as car hire or transfers from the airport before you go. If you’re travelling by bus or train, booking transport in advance can save you money. Search online and visit Shofur Twitter for the best prices and a simple and quick reservation process. 

Sort out pets and somebody to collect your post while you’re away and cancel any milk or newspaper subscriptions.

Give yourself time
Nothing is more stressful than herding a flock of small children through a busy airport with seconds to go until the gate closes. Give yourself extra time to get to your departure destination. If you are flying, it’s advisable to leave at least three hours to get through security and passport control. Once you’ve navigated the queues, you can relax and enjoy showing your little ones the planes. 

Keep the kids busy
Most children kick off when they’re travelling because they get tired and bored. Make sure you plenty of distractions with you. If you’re travelling a long way, it’s a good idea to download some films and child-friendly apps onto your tablet. Pack some toys and games. If you’re flying or traveling by bus or train overnight, get younger children changed into their pajamas. Get them settled with a bottle, a blanket and a pillow. Hopefully, they’ll doze off and you can get some sleep too.

Always travel with snacks
Travelling can be hard work, so always ensure you have some snacks and treats with you. Resist the temptation to leave buying food until you get to the airport or bus station. Prices tend to be significantly higher and choices may be limited. Avoid giving children sugary foods and fizzy drinks before bed, as they are likely to give them an energy boost.

Stick together
The moment you think you’ve lost your child is one of the worst feelings in the world. Make sure everyone stays together at all times. Establish a meeting place in case somebody does wander off. 

Going on holiday should be an exciting time, but getting there can be stressful. Follow these steps to keep everyone safe and content. Occupy the kids with games and movies and try and get some rest. If things do get a little fraught, cheer yourself up with the prospect of enjoying an unforgettable family holiday once you touch down. 

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