15 Popular Party Ideas For Your Son's Birthday!

Children parties can be a very stressful time for any parent. And when it’s a boy, it’s even harder to decide what to do for your son. As boys get older, they are more interested in doing hobbies and activities during their party. However, it’s easy to run out of ideas. It could be argued to be easier to arrange a girls party, but there are actually a lot of ideas your boy may love. He will be invited to many parties of his friends so it’s important to make sure his birthday also stands out. Check out this guide for more information on getting started when organising a birthday party for your son. To make sure he has a lot of fun, here are 15 popular party ideas that your kid will love.


If your son loves to go swimming, you could arrange for him to have a swimming party with his friends. Check out your local swimming pools and see what packages they do for children parties. Some pools do deals which include an hour of swimming, and some snacks after. You could add some fun themed extras including some inflatable toys if they are allowed. And a fish shaped birthday cake would be even better. You could also give a child a pair of goggles each, rather than a party bag.


A traditional favourite, bowling is a great way to entertain some young lads. If your boy has been before and enjoyed it, it might be good to have his party there.  It’s a great activity which has been popular for years. They also have packages which often include a game of bowling and an area where you could hold some snacks after. Some bowling alley’s also house a gaming arcade so your child and his friends could move to that after. Make sure you tell the friends not to forget socks and ask for their sizes in advance as this can delay the booking-in process. 


A favourite with most boys, a football party, will provide your kid and his friends lots of fun. Check out your local area for pitches where they can go and play and for extra fun; you could even have them all wear their favourite teams shirts. You could also visit a football stadium as a tour would be excellent for a footie fan. Some do parties as well so it would be a great for them to do the tour, then have some food and drink. If you can’t find a pitch or stadium and budget is tight, you could put some goals out in your garden and let them kick about there. Or even head to the park for some fun.

Arts Class

Depending on their age, your son might enjoy an art party, and you can see ideas for this on Pinterest. It can be done at home with some paints, or you could find a centre which does an art class for children. It’s a good idea to get them to create something they can take home after. Play do could also be good for younger children, as long as you have many parents helping out as it could get messy!

Fancy Dress Party

If your son is a big fan of dressing up as a superhero, you could have a fancy dress party. You could even theme it to be characters from your son’s favourite film. A fancy dress party could easily be held at your home, or you could find a hall nearby which will give them plenty of space to run around. You could even give out prizes for the best outfits, and don’t forget to theme the party bags

Theme Park

A more expensive option is a theme park. You could check out the local theme parks in the area for your child and his friends. It would be a whole day activity and they could use the rides and the playground. Some theme parks have a wristband option which allows them to go on everything, or some you pay at the door. They might have a group option which might make it cheaper for you. It is an excellent way to have a party that will be unforgettable for your little one.

Nerf gun themed party 

Nerf guns have grown in popularity over the last couple of years with the toy now being one of the most popular around. It’s perfect for all ages, and now the latest thing is nerf gun parties. There are certain leisure centres which are doing the parties for you, or you could even hold your own at a hall and get the friends to bring their own guns. It will definitely tire your little boy and his friends out, and you could make some dinner for them after. They have even released a nerf tactical vest which you could buy for your little boy, so he can stand out from the crowd at his party. 

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a great activity for a child’s party and if they haven’t been before, it’s a great chance to learn something new. Check out your local rinks and see if they do any birthday party deals, which tend to include an hour or two of skating and then a party area after for your use. Ice skating can be dangerous though so make sure a lot of parents are on hand to help with the activity.


A zoo party will get your son roaring with delight. It’s a great place to visit with him and his friends as they can have a look at all the animals, and there may even be a playground. Check beforehand if there is space for a picnic, and remember to take a camera with you. If you can’t afford to take them to the zoo, you could have a zoo themed party where you do animal face paint and an animal inspired cake.


Best for slightly older children, a camping party, would be fun for your son and his friends. You could have a look at local areas where you can go camping and then take some marshmallows, some games and tents. It would be great in warmer weather. If you prefer, you could do a camping party in your garden which will be just as fun. Make sure an adult stays outside with them in the tent. Another way round it is to have the activities outside and then have them sleep inside in sleeping bags. 

Laser Quest 

Laser Quest has been a favourite activity with children since the 90’s. Check out your local area for the closest one to you and book in for a great time for your son and his friends. They often do an hour of play, and then can offer a party area for food and drink. It is an immersive experience your kid will love and remember for years to come.

Science themed 

A trending idea in the party world has been a science party for your child and his friends. Firms such as Mad Science involve the children in science experiments which include making some slime! The parties are a lot of fun for your child, especially if he loves science at school. They are usually up to an hour long, and you could make some tea after.

Bouncy castle 

A traditional favourite which has been around for decades is a bouncy castle. If you have one of these in your garden, your son will have fun for hours with his friends. You could even have the bouncy castle at a hall so that there will be even more space for them to run around.


If your child is a huge fan of movies, a birthday party at your local cinema could be a great idea for your son. Check out the new films coming out which are suitable for their age range, and see if the cinema does any party packages for children. They may have a party area that you can use, and sometimes do a deal with a ticket, popcorn and drink per child. If there is nothing suitable and the weather is beautiful, you could do an outdoor cinema. You could rent an inflatable cinema screen, and then buy some popcorn for your children to enjoy while watching the flick.

Go kart

A go-karting party is great if your child loves racing and cars. Check out your local Go Kart centres for children party packages. They even offer driving certificates for each child and a trophy for the winner. You could have a car cake and give toy cars away in their gift bags. 

For more inspiration you could check out some of these celeb kids parties. However, it may be out of budget as Beyonce and Jay Z rented out an animal sanctuary for Blue Ivy’s birthday. They are also rumoured to have purchased a horse for her! If you don’t have much money to spend on your little one’s party, we talk through some birthday budget ideas here that he will love.

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  1. My son's 5th birthday is coming up soon, so these are some great ideas!


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