Organizing Kids Birthday Parties on a Budget

When it’s time for your little one’s birthday, they always seem to want to have a party. You can tell this by the number of invitations your child receives at school! It can feel that there’s a party every other week or so! It can also work out quite expensive, buying presents for all your kids little friends! The thing is, when you’re a parent you never want to let your child down. And if they’ve got their heart set on a party, what can you do? Looking at that little face is enough to melt the toughest of hearts!

Money is tighter than ever these days for many people at the moment. Not only is it just after Christmas, day to day family expenses never seem to get any cheaper! But if you’re determined, you can hold a birthday party on a very limited budget. You just have to get creative - so here’s a list to help! 

What about food?

Keep food simple. Fruit and veg make cheap healthy snacks. You can make several different flavour dips for crudites from one big pot of yogurt. Don’t be shy about buying supermarket value brands. You’re decanting food into dishes, and no one’s going to know. Make sure you cater for vegetarians. If you’re making sandwiches, basic is best. Ham, cheese and jam aren’t expensive, and they are popular with children. 

Time to Get Creative

You can make your decorations really cheaply, often from things you have lying around the house. Handy with a sewing machine? You can make bunting from old clothes and scrap fabric. Sew the triangles cut with pinking shears onto some ribbon or bias binding. If you’re going to make more than a couple of metres you can save even more money. Ebony Craft sells bias binding and ribbons in rolls which is cheaper than buying it from a shop. 

Party Bag 101

Party Bags at the end of a party are a traditional kids favourite, but they can be expensive. A slice of cake wrapped in a napkin and a few sweets should be more than enough. If you want to add little gifts, then try looking online. Amazon and ebay sell large multipacks of party bag fillers. Think bubbles, little notebooks, pencils, any silly little trinket is suitable. Just make sure it is suitable for the age group. Young children are still prone to putting small toys in their mouth, or up their nose! 

No Clowns Needed

Entertaining the children at a party needn't cost the earth. There’s no need to hire a party entertainer. While they are very good at what they do, you can still keep kids amused at a party without one. Try old fashioned party games for a trip down memory lane.  Face painting is easy and doesn’t cost much. Craft activities are engaging too, and give the kids a chance to get creative. Plus, clowns at a birthday party have been the cause of many a kiddie meltdown! Scary!

Children grow so fast it is a real joy to be able to celebrate their birthdays. Showing your children you love them needn’t cost a thing. With a bit of effort, you can hold a brilliant birthday party on a budget! 

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