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Take a Gnoment To Say I Love You #Review

Time is going so quickly these days! It seems like I met my hubby just a few weeks ago and this weekend will be our 6th Valentine's together. It doesn't seem fair that our life together is happening so fast, we need to slow down and appreciate each other more. I know you readers feel me!

When was the last time you and your sweetie did something just because? I honestly couldn't remember myself and that is why I am SO excited to introduce you to Gnoments, a great new idea to spice up your love life in a million different ways.

Our Gnoments and their idea book.
Gnoments are two adorable little gnomes that are here to help you and your other half celebrate each other. These special characters are the cutest and quickest way to show someone you love them without having to shell out a bunch of money especially when you're short on time.

Each person in the relationship gets their own gnome to use as their personal love messenger. I named ours Morty and Ethel, the old people names Josh and I use for each other.

Josh's boy gnome Morty

My girl gnome Ethel

Morty and Ethel love each other just as much as we do.

Each gnome has a magnet in their palm so when they are next to each other they can't resist holding hands!
Gnoments are designed to carry special gifts and messages for your other half.

They can have electronic messages downloaded into them, they sit on their own and hold things in their arms, or they each have a sweet little backpack that is the perfect size for a little present or some sort of note.

I love the little hearts on the bags.

These little backpacks are the perfect size for jewelry guys!
Here is my Ethel all ready to give Josh his birthday card.

Happy birthday!
I ended up putting it next to her so he could see her better. The card stood perfectly with her arm around it.
 Gnoments are made to be moved! Each gnome is made out of durable material and is heavy enough to withstand bumping, or in the case of our house nosey cats!
Each gnomes hat is bendable so you can shape it how you'd like.
On of the things I think is the best part of Gnoments is, when you get your box of gnomes they come with an idea book for you and your special person to get things started. There are some great ideas for those of us that don't have much of a romantic bone in their body.

I would love to come home to this gnome one night!

I should have had my gnome sing to Josh with his card!

I think this is my favorite idea that the Gnoments book has!
 You can even share all your Gnoments moments with your friends via social media. Spread the word of your love and inspire others to do the same. I know Id like to see more love and less hate on social media!

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So, whether you want some help in the romance department or you want something new to spice it up, look to Gnoments for everything you need!

I can't wait to start using our Gnoments even more! Maybe they'll come on our vacation this summer, it looks like they love the beach!

Want it? Buy it!

Gnoments will make a great Valentine's Day gift, remember its this coming weekend!! Get your special someone something just as special and unique as they are.

Special thanks to Gnoments for sponsoring this great review! Josh and I love our gnomes!

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