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Shoplet and Pilot Pens...the perfect combination! #review

Is anyone else obsessed with pens?  I sure am.  My husband fusses at me all the time because I am always bringing home more pens. I just tell him you can never have too many pens.  I was very excited to receive this pen bundle from Pilot.  I opened the package to find some awesome new pens to try out.  I received 4 packs of pens.  My husband was very  happy to take a pack to work with him.  I teach kindergarten and have been enjoying using the Acroball Colors pack.  This pack has a red, blue and black pen. They write those 3 colors.  Those are the 3 colors I write with the most and these are great.  They are very comfortable to hold and have a textured grip.  They are available in other colors also.  My new favorite, keep out on my desk pen is the Dr. Grip pen in purple frosted.  It's a little bigger than your average pen and that are the kinds of pens I like.  It has a cushioned grip and writes in black ink.  The first day I was using it at school one of my little girls said it looked like cotton candy.  My husband too the pack of Acroball Pro and he says he has used them at work and really likes them.  I have not opened the pack of Acroball Pure White ones yet.  I have to save something for later:)  

These are Pilot brand pens that I got from Shoplet.  Shoplet is an Internet shopping outlet that has everything for your business and I do mean everything.  They have office supplies, medical supplies, cleaning supplies and much, much more!  They offer weekly specials and fast, free shipping on orders over $25.  And the best thing is, you can do all your shopping right from your easy chair.  

I can't wait to see the pens!  

It's like Christmas!  Look at the goodies. 

Acroball Pure White...these are the ones I have not tried yet. 

My husband is enjoying the Acroball Pro at work. 

I'm using the Acroball Colors in my children's daily folders at school.

2016 Product guide

The different style of the Acroball pens. 

So many colors to choose from.

My new favorite pen!  I have the purple. 

Beautiful pens...I love the pastel colors. 

I'll be ordering more of these. 

Smooth writing ink and comfort grip. 

Acroball Colors...these write the color of the pen.

Love the textured grip.  

Want it?  Buy it!
Take a minute to head over to Shoplet to check their selection of Pilot pens and all the other things they have available.  You can also connect with them on FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube and Instagram.  

Special thanks to Anastasia and our friends from Shoplet and Pilot for allowing me to review these pens and share them with all of our wonderful readers.  

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