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Make This Valentine's The Most Memorable One You'll Ever Have

Valentine’s Day is very, very fast approaching. Naturally, the internet is going mad. Everyone’s scrambling for ideas on what to get their loved one and how to make the day special. Well you, for one, can relax. This year, we have you covered. Take some time to get a sitter and focus on one-another. Not only are we going to tell you some of the best presents you can get him. We’re going to show you some ideas that will blow his, and hopefully your, socks off this Valentine’s day.

1)   Sweets for your sweet
You’re going to be getting him a gift, that’s all well and good. But this year, go the extra mile and get him some very special sweets. Candy Club has a whole range of different options on what kind of sweets you can order. No matter what his taste, if the man if your life has a sweet tooth, let him indulge in it this year.

2)   Gifts he’ll actually love using
Valentine’s day is a great day to go for the sentimental option. Flowers are always adored and expressions of love are all over the place. However, wouldn’t you rather also get him a gift he’ll actually like to use? Sentimental stuff is lovely, but you want something he’ll appreciate so he knows how thoughtful you are. It could be a phone charging wallet. Could be an awesome portable record player for the man on the move. Could even be the perfect whiskey glass. Think of what your man would actually like and take a look at some of the great unique gift ideas for him at Cuckooland.

3)   Love coupons
This is a great gift that can quickly become a tradition if you do it right. You can make your own coupons for your man to turn in whenever he likes. They can be romantic and cutesy like cuddles and back rubs. They can take the weight off his shoulders like giving him a pass on chores. They can even quite saucy, but we’re not going into that here. It’s even better if you do them together on the day, so you’re spending weeks to come doing sweet little tasks for one another.

4)   Have a date that’s out of the ordinary
You have all year to do the candlelit dinner thing. It’s Valentine’s day, a day when expressing your love should go outside the usual lines. Take this to your date as well. Don’t obsess so much on having the perfect meal at the perfect restaurant. Try something new like taking a dance class. Go wine tasting together. Do something that will create new memories, not just the same old dates that will all feel the same looking back.

5)   Keep the romantic feeling going strong
Who says Valentine’s day is the one day for taking your love to the max? Forget convention, take Valentine’s day and keep it going. Make an effort to keep doing little things for, with and to one another with a 21-day romance challenge. Even calling it a challenge can make the both of you super competitive to be the most romantic couple out there!

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