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Get an awesome box of sweets for your Sweet this Valentine's Day from Candy Club #Review

Who doesn't love candy?!? I know in our house, we ALL do!!!!
The kids could not wait to see what was in this box =)

They were NOT disappointed when their little eyes saw what was inside either!

When you visit Candy Club for the first time, you will take a quick quiz to figure our your candy likes and dislikes and what monthly box is good for you.
The kids and I got  Club Favorites, which pretty much so hit us spot on!
This is a list of what we received in this month's box.

It comes so adorably packaged and we loved the little Candy Club containers everything was in. It just made it feel extra special!

We got Albanese Mini Gummi Butterflies. These are DELICIOUS! The Albanese factory is actually less than 5 minutes from our house, and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Albanese Gummi's!

We also got Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts. Two things about these Sour Belts.... One, they were the FRESHEST candy I have ever had like this!!!!! We love to get sour straws and belts and they usually have a hardness to them. These were so soft and fresh, the kids and I were amazed! Two, they are SOUR! Like eye watering sour... but so, so good!!!

We also received Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. They are made with Real Fruit, and come in 12 delicious flavors. There were blueberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, cherry, apple, mango, strawberry, lime, grape, lemon, tangerine, and watermelon. These were delicious as well. They were not super sour, just had a nice tang to them. We loved them!
Also scattered in the box were Sweet's Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy. It is described as "Sweet's taffy is whipped to perfection. The result is an amazingly soft, non-sticky and deliciously flavorful treat!" I could not describe it better if I tried!!! Just like the Sour Belts, these are SO FRESH! I absolutely love salt water taffy, but often find it with that hard crust. Not these. AMAZING!
All Nutritional Facts were also included!
The kids basically had a candy buffet and were in HEAVEN! Everything included in this box was delicious and right up our alley!

We will most definitely order from Candy Club again! I am actually thinking I will order the Valentines Box today for the kids!
Limited Edition Valentine's boxes must be ordered TODAY (2-7-16)  for delivery by Valentine's Day. I promise that any candy lover in your life will be SO HAPPY with this box!!!
If you really want to wow your loved ones, sign up for more than 1 month!!! You can pick a specialty box like the Valentines one, or order them for 1, 6, or 12 months! Check out the savings on a one year plan!!!!! For less than you could spend on fancy flowers for Valentines, you can give a box every month for a year to remind your loved one every month of your love!!!
One Month for $27.99 for a month.

6 Months for $22.99 per month for 6 months.

12 months at $19.99 per month for 12 months!
WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!
Candy Club is a monthly box subscription available
And keep up with all things Candy, and Follow Candy Club on


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