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Here Kitty, Kitty! Dearest Whiskers Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. If you have a need, or hobby, or want, there is a subscription box for you. Today I'm going to introduce you to a subscription box that is just for your little kitties. Everyone, even kitties, need to feel special once in a while. This box will do just that for them.


 Dearest Whiskers by Katie Haefner will send you a box filled with handmade, organic, and artisan delights for your furry friends.Your kitty will find toys, treats, and more inside each box. I was lucky enough to receive a box with two toys and some treats that my cats went crazy for! Let me tell you about our great new kitty treasures...

  Dearest Whiskers 

Life Essentials Freeze Dried Alaskan Salmon

I'm always pretty careful with what I feed my kitties, and treats aren't on the list because I just don't trust what is in them. However, these treats from Cat-Man-Doo and Dearest Whiskers are perfectly acceptable in my home. these gems aren't anything but little chunks of salmon, no fillers, no artificial colors, no gluten. My cats loved these treats and actually fought over them. When I first gave each one of my boys a chunk they started to sniff them, I could tell they were into them because as Forrest (my tiny gray cat) was licking his, his little (and by little I just mean younger) brother came over smacked Forrest with his paw and stole his treat. Milo then got locked out of the kitchen while Forrest got two treats... he's mommy's favorite.

My cats went nuts over these babies!

Here is a video of Milo eating his treat, I was hoping to catch him steal his brothers again but he apparently learned his lesson. I do like how he goes and tries to hide with his treat, though. He's such a fatty!

Cat Buddy by Kitty HoochHandmade in Oregon, this washable and refillable catnip toy was a hit in our house... the dog even enjoyed trying to steal it from her brothers. the Cat Buddy from Kitty Hooch has a cute little tail and ears to mimic a mouse but this buddy comes FULL of the good stuff ca nip! My cats would play with it and then have to take a nap because they were totally catnipped out. I'm serious, this baby packs a punch when it comes to the nip. There are two sizes of Cat Buddy available, the regular Cat Buddy and the Baby Buddy. Bonus, Kitty Hooch grows and cultivates their own catnip so you know it's good. These buddies are sure to be a hit with your buddies! 

Kick it, bite it, throw it, love it. Cat Buddy is the purrfect toy. 
Never forget where your kitties favorite toy came from! 

Cat Nip Tea Bag Toy from The Cat-Tea Shop
Now we get to the piece de resistance. The tea bag toy. THIS toy was the biggest hit I may have ever seen with my boys. They were obsessed with it immediately. They are still obsessed with it weeks later. I mean you wanna talk about kitties with a nip problem, my kitties have got a toy tea bag problem! The Canadian based company The Cat-Tea Shop uses wild and organically formed catnip and donates 10% of their proceeds to cat rescues across Canada. That's purrty nice! Plus they have some of the cutest tea and cookie inspired toys that are great for an Anglophile like me. 
Here are some videos to help you understand the love my babies have for the tea bag toy from The Cat-Tea Shop and Dearest Whiskers!   

I love the packaging.

Ohhhhh tea bag toy I love you so much! Don't ever leave me! 

Milo stole the tea bag multiple times from his poor brother. He even brought it to bed with him.

I just want you to know this isn't the boys sharing a sweet brotherly moment of opening a present. Its Milo shoving Forrest's head into the box to pin him down so Milo can get a better look first. Where did I go wrong?!
Being a nosy ned. 
My intro letter to Dearest Whiskers and a sweet letter from Katie. 
The boys are obsessed with their stuff and I'm obsessed with this kitty paperclip. I wonder if I can add these to my school supply order form this summer...
Dearest Whiskers is a great little subscription box that I really think your kitties will love. They have worked with some great companies in the past like 

Wild Meadow PrintingLicks Pill FreeMauve MooseFor MewKawaii Cat ToysJennie's Pet Corner.Sinfully Sweet DesignsPioneer PetCherry WillowI really liked how the box wasn't super full of things for the boys. I've reviewed a few pet boxes in the past and a number of things is almost overwhelming for them. We loved everything that came in our box from Dearest Whiskers... even the box! 
Seriously though readers, this is probably the best pet box we're received. It feels personal and well put together. Owner and founder Katie Haefner has done and amazing job informing kitty owners of some awesome and safe products that are now available right on your doorstep!  You've gotta get your own Dearest Whiskers box today! 

Want it? Buy it! 

Get your  current Dearest Whiskers box or past boxes right now! The next shipment goes out on February 15th! 

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