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Smart Ways to Keep Your Bed Warm This Winter

The human race is a fussy old bunch. It isn't often that we're able to find any middle ground. We go from one extreme to another. And now, given that we're slap bang in the middle of winter, we're all feeling the frost a little more than we'd care to. We're also becoming extremely energy conscious, which can make heating our homes a little problematic.

Looking for ways to keep warm without reaching for your thermostat can be tough. Especially when it comes time to go to sleep. Just as being too hot in the summer can prevent you from falling asleep, so too can the unforgiving chill of the winter. It's a problem that has been around since the birth of man, and it's carried over. Even today, with all our luxury and comfort, it's still something we struggle with.

So, how can you keep your bed warm in the winter to ensure a good night's sleep? There are a few ways...

Electric blankets are great for solving this problem, but they aren't energy efficient. Your utility bills will go through the roof if you use one every night of the winter. Instead, you can create your own by using a hot water bottle. Warm your sheets through before you go to bed to create the same effect. It should stay warm enough for you to fall asleep, by which time your body will begin to regulate its temperature.

Upgrading your bedding could work wonders, too. It's a good idea to have two choices of comforter. One for the summer, and one for the winter. In the warmer months, you'll want something light and thin. But, in the winter, it's time to find the thickest duvet you can get your hands on to help you insulate your bed. They're really great at retaining heat.

Keeping your heat from top to bottom is imperative. It's thought that we lose most of our body heat through both our head and our feet. As such, sleeping in socks is a great way to keep your body warm. As silly as it sounds, you should also give some serious consideration to sleeping in a wooly hat. Hey, nobody's going to judge you.

Eating a source of good fats shortly before bedtime will raise your body's core temperature. Now, I'm not saying that you should gorge yourself on pizza five minutes before you hit the hay. That's a safe bet to ensuring a one-way ticket to heartburn city. Instead, eating a source of good fats will go a long way. Think about things like avocado and nut butter, but avoid cheese as it can affect sleep.

Light exercise is also a fantastic way to raise your body temperature. Just be careful not to overdo it. Some light stretching or yoga is a smart option. You don't want to wear yourself out, but just get your muscles active enough to create a heat source. You won't feel the chill quite as drastically in this instance.


  1. Thankyou for sharing some ideas with us about keeping our bed warm in the Winter! We don't have that problem with our bed in our room!I don't know if it has to do with the fact that we have a complete Memory Foam Bed or what!! We keep a couple of warm covers on the bed all the time in the fall and winter.. I really like your Idea of hot water bottles under the covers. They would surely do the job!! :0)

    1. Thanks, Cathy. These ideas are great for those who like to keep their heating costs down in the winter time, like we do!

  2. These are some good ideas - I tend to pile on blankets, throws and put on so many jammies I couldn't get out of my own way if I had to!

  3. You could do a post on the hot water bottle (how to) for those of us who have trouble with new things. ;)


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