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It's Time For Some Home Changes

As we have passed the festive season and we’re at the start of another year I thought it was time for a change. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but they are usually about personal growth and goals. And these are fine, but I decided to take more of a blanket approach. See, we love our family home, but because the kids are growing up fast changes have to be made.

It’s important to evolve and adapt the household to suit the changes in our lives. And that’s why every year we try to make changes to our home, no matter how small or trivial. This year we thought we had better make a few larger changes. So, here are some of the changes that we decided to make around the home this year.


Everyone can benefit from doing home renovations, and our home was no different. There’s been work that we’ve been wanting to get round to for ages. But life has a funny feeling of getting in the way of that kind of thing. So, we decided that we would contact some experts to take care of our house renovations. I often think this is the most sensible and practical approach. It means that you can guarantee they’re going to do a good job, and you can liaise with them about what you want.

Simplified the Shower

Another area I wanted to tackle was the shower. It wasn’t a case of changing it because I’m very happy with the way it looks. But, the problem is it just seems to be so cluttered so it needed to be simplified. So what we did was made little changes and moderations in order to free up space. So, for instance, instead of having loads and load of bottles of shampoo and shower gel we narrowed it down to just one of each. It also meant we could get rid of our unsightly hanging basket and just use the shower shelves.

Got Rid of the Dining Room

The dining room in our home is lovely to have, but it takes up an awful lot of space. So, we made a decision this year to get rid of the dining room. By knocking through one wall, we also create much more space in the home. This has made things much easier for us and the kids. I mean, the dining room was great, but we didn’t use it enough to justify keeping it as it was. So now we can enjoy more space inside the home.

Encouraged a Green Home

We also took the opportunity, amidst these changes, to focus on developing a greener home. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and we are finally taking steps towards it. I think that becoming eco-friendly at home is hugely important, and helps us preserve planet Earth. And, by doing this, we are also encouraging the kids to embrace an eco-friendly way of life.

As parents, we find that we constantly need to make changes to our home. The kids are growing up so fast, so we have to try to adapt and adopt. Creating more space in the home and making it a more pleasant environment for the kids is essential. So this is my list of some of the things we did around our home.


  1. Sounds like fun getting some rennovations done on your home! I agree its much better to hire someone to do the work. Then try and do it yourself!! Getting rid of the Dinning Room. What an awesome move! Frees up so much more space. So Happy for you!!

    1. Our dining room table is huge! It takes up so much space, and I am ready to consolidate, and make that room more functional as a dining area/but also as a work space for the family, since we don't have an extra room for a home office right now.

  2. These sound like great renovations that will make your home more current and enjoyable. It is fun to make changes and take your time to decorate, too, don't do it too much of a rush, to make sure you make the best choice, and don't see things you like better a month later!

    1. So true not to rush these things! I am the type of person who can't stand living with things torn apart, so rennovations are hard for me!


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