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Tip Tuesday: Simplify the Shower

I need to make a confession. Hopefully I am not the only one and some one out there will relate to this.

Does your side of the shower look like this? As long as I can remember I have been on the hunt for the perfect shampoo, the best shaving cream, the yummiest smelling body wash, etc, etc, etc. This results in a collection of half (or less!) used bottles that pile up on my side of the shower. Sometimes I feel like making a decision on which to use is akin to choosing a name for my firstborn son.

And then I look over at my husband's side of the shower, with one bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. Le sigh. It must be so easy for him to take a shower, I think. I decided to take action and just ditch all the bottles in favor of one shampoo and one body wash (doubles for shaving) in a ginormous size.

No decisions to make here!
This solution not only appeals to my sense of time management (no decisions to make), I also know I will not waste a bottle this large. I opted for something a little more "green" but choose whatever brand or kind you like best and just stick with it. Maybe I'm the only weirdo with this problem, but I thought I'd share...you know, just in case. ;-)


  1. This looks great and I want to try this. I was just looking around the bathroom and noticing how scattered everything is, and it makes it look messy, now I know how to fix that!

  2. Good luck! It really has made life a little simpler!

  3. They look much happier by themselves ;)


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