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Clean, Fresh Water with Zero Water Ready-Pour Filtration Pitcher #Review

I am trying really hard to drink more water and having this ZeroWater Pitcher/Dispenser in my fridge is such a big help.  I don't have to worry about keeping bottled water on hand for fresh water because the filtration system on the ZeroWater Pitcher removes anything from my tap water and allows me the joy of fresh, clean water.  There are many different ZeroWater products but I am using the 12-cup Ready Pour Pitcher.  I like that is has the dispenser on it so I can just put my cup under to fill it up.  The coolest think about this is the TDS Meter that comes with the system and attaches to the lid.  You can always check your tap water for dissolved solids in your water.  Thank goodness mine registered a 0 when I tested it.  I don't want to drink unknown things in my water when I'm trying to be healthier by drinking the water!!  I have only been using this product for a week, but I love it and it will become a permanent fixture in my fridge.  

Excited to try this out. 

Lots of information on the package. 

The filter explanation right on the package. 

I like how all the information I needed was right on the package. 

Nicely packed inside the box. 

Can't wait to fill it up and begin using this!

Love the dispenser right on the handle.

Sleek, blue design

Looking into the filter

The water filter

The filter attaches right into the lid

This is the 2 cup reservoir that the water filters through.

The TDS meter to check for anything in your tap water. 

I took this picture a lot of times but could not get the part where it registers to show up.  Mine said 0!

The meter pops right back into it's spot on the lid. 

In my fridge and ready for use. 

Some information on Zero Water...

The Ready-Pour pitcher is the first in its class that has a sealed lid and reservoir, making it possible to pour water that has already been filtered without spilling water that's still filtering. This means the reservoir can now be kept full, adding a full two cups' capacity to the existing 10-cup design. It also features a one-hand, pull and pour button spout for easy bottle filling.

The 12-cup Ready-Pour uses the patented ZeroWater filtration system, which combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your water. The result is great-tasting water, straight from the tap. If you have any issues with hard water, check out these water softener reviews.

ZeroWater's first layer of filtration, activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy, removes the chlorine taste you are accustomed to with tap water. The Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids that may be left over from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping, such as aluminum, lead, zinc, nitrates, and more. Three additional stages are included to remove other impurities and ensure your water receives the appropriate amount of treatment time to deliver a "000" reading on the included laboratory-grade Total Dissolved Solids meter.

10-cup pitcher + 2-cup reservoir = 12-cup capacity
Underneath water filter assembly to ensure water passes through filter and not around filter
One-hand push & pour-button spout to fill any bottle or cup
Convenient space-saving design
Built-in TDS Meter holder

Patented 5-Stage Dual-Ion Exchange filtration system
Removes virtually all dissolved solids in your water
The only water filter in its class that meets FDA definition for TDS in purified bottled water.

12-Cup Ready-Pour pitcher
Zerowater Ion Exchange water filter
TDS meter to measure dissolved solids in your water ($29.99 Retail Value)
User Manual
Coupons for future filter purchases

Want it? Buy it!
You can learn more about all that ZeroWater has to offer by checking out their webpage.  You can also locate a retailer near you to purchase ZeroWater.  You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Special thanks to our friends at ZeroWater for the opportunity to learn about and use these great products.  It has been a pleasure to work with you. 


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  2. This looks amazing! We seem tobbuy water filters quite often and should look into this for next time.

  3. The filters are small. There are also several models of this home water filter system that can divert water from the filter in case you may need to use tap water for dish and hand washing. Osmosisvr.com

  4. I definitely like the look of the filters in these pitchers. Looks like they would probably filter water a lot faster than my Brita pitcher does! I hate having to wait ages just for it to filter a single gallon of water -_-


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