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Another Christmas has come and gone and I was lucky again and received some wonderful teacher gifts this season. I know a lot of teachers, I mean like TONS, and most of them weren't as lucky as I was when it came to their Christmas gifts from students. I know that it is hard to shop for teachers. We are someone that you don't really know personally and the little that you do know is so formal that you really have no idea what to get us. Mugs, ornaments, candles, and lotions are always appreciated but teachers who have been at this a while have the softest skin imaginable and probably have an entire cabinet and Christmas tree devoted to student gifts. Today I have the answer for you teacher gift needs. Keep in mind, teacher appreciation day is coming up and the end of the school year will be here before you know it!

Teacher Peach is here to support and enhance teachers needs. Teacher Peach works with educators to come up with tools and products that actually work in todays classrooms. Teacher Peach products are made to help teachers reach as many students as possible, no matter the classroom!

I was lucky enough to get to review an awesome tote from Teacher Peach that is really going to come in handy! I really like the fact that this particular bag could be used by a male educator as well. Its not a purse and the colors are gender neutral. This particular tote comes in light blue, pink, light tan, and light gray(pictured here)

Look at all the pockets!
Teacher Peach wants teachers to be proud of who they are. We shape the future and should be shouting I AM A TEACHER from the mountain tops! I'm always willing to share what I do with people because it makes me so happy!

I love the font. Its edgy like me. This font also helps make this bag more gender neutral.

I really dig that the front of the bag has three large pockets. Each pocket is large enough to hold a bottle of water without a problem!

 Inside the large front middle pocket there are some handy pencil holders also. Or if you're truly a teacher, red pens! Teachers LOVE red pens!
This pocket is deep and wide, perfect for a calendar or appointment book; something you'd need to get at quickly.

Here is another look inside the front pocket.

 I am FOREVER losing my keys. This will no longer be a problem with my new tote from Teacher Peach.
My keys clip right onto the front of my tote. I might never lose them again! Halleluiah!

Now I don't know about you but it seems like every day I haul an entire classroom back and forth between home and school. My tote from Teacher Peach easily fits all of my books and my odds and ends that come home with me. The great thing about this tote though is not just my stuff fitting but its so much easier to carry because of the long straps.  
The inside of my tote from Teacher Peach. Its like a giant cavern, look how tiny my peach stress ball is. Think of all the things you could put in there!

 If you don't want to clip your keys to the outside of your bag there is also a clip on the inside to use. I like this clip because it can keep a hold of my coin purse that I like to keep with me at school for those late afternoons when I need some caffeine from the pop machine.
Very handy clip!

Inside the tote there is also a special pocket for smaller things like pens, pencils, ID tags, etc. This pocket is also great for your cellphone so it doesn't get lost in the bottom of your bag.
That little peach in there is so you can see how big this pocket is.

I'm the kind of gal that likes the sling style of bags, you know the kind you throw over your shoulder and they come across your chest? This particular tote isn't designed to do that but it does have adjustable straps that make carrying it different ways a breeze.
Adjustable straps.

From bags, vacation gear and drink bottles, to classroom supplies, desk organizers, and pet clothes Teacher Peach has the perfect addition for any educators life. Check out all the awesome things Teacher Peach has to offer:

and more... much more!

Special thanks to Teacher Peach and Christina for sponsoring this awesome review.


  1. I like that bag. they both look like nice products for my many teacher friends.

    1. Teacher Peach has awesome products! Let all your teacher friends know!!!

  2. The Teacher Peach Tote that you reviewed is so Nice.. It is so roomy and has little compartments for smaller tools that a Teacher carries . I too like the looks of this bag. Very Functional! I just came back from the Teacher Peach site! They do have an awesome Bunch of Nice Products for Teachers. I will share your lovely review to my Face Book friends, So they know of this awesome place to go to for Teachers Gifts..


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