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Scents of the Season: #Scentsy Holiday #Review

There's nothing I love more than a festively scented home during the holiday season. To me, the aroma of seasonal scents filling my home, just puts my family and guests even more so in the holiday spirit. There's nothing like walking into a home, and being met by the scents of the season.

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Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Kim Getchell

Scentsy is probably my favorite company which offers seasonal scents, scented products, and warmers. MBP has been lucky enough to work with All Star Independent Scentsy Consultant, Kim Getchell for several years now. Kim has been delighting our senses, and sharing the latest and greatest products from Scentsy with the MBP team and our readers for quite some time, and Kim is back to share some great holiday gift ideas from Scentsy!

I love working with Kim. She's so professional, and takes pride in her job, and her company's products. She truly cares about customer service, and offers customer support at the drop of a hat- yes, that's how awesome she is! I was excited to work with Kim this holiday season. Kim always sends me amazing goodies from Scentsy, and I absolutely love Scentsy's holiday warmers and scents.

My holiday package from Scentsy arrived within just a couple of weeks of sending my selections to Kim.

Scentsy always works hard to package products so that you know it's Scentsy in the box when your items are delivered, and also, so the delivery person knows that what's inside the box is most likely fragile.

My Scentsy items were well packaged, and paper was stuffed insid the box, so there wouldn't be extra room for the smaller product boxes to jingle around during shipping.

I love that Scentsy takes extra steps to protect their products, and I love that they use items I can recycle for their packaging. I can re-use the box for holiday gifting, and can recycle the paper.

I was greeted with festive holiday prints on my Scentsy boxes!

Ta-da! Two pretty little boxes from Scentsy, and a new Scentsy brochure, filled with the newest Scentsy products!

First up on my agenda, was to open up my new holiday warmer from Scentsy.

Scentsy has so many gorgeous warmers for the holidays. They always have such aorable seasonal warmers, and the holiday season is no exception. I already have a couple of other holiday warmers from Scentsy, which I love! I keep one in the kitchen, and one in the living room. I love a well scented holiday home!

As I opened up the box for my new Scentsy Warmer, I was greeted with the Scentsy Mission, which was printed right on the box.

My warmer was well protected by cardboard, and I also found the instructions for use, laying on top.

If you've never used a Scentsy Warmer before, it's important to read through all of the instructions. Not every warmer is the same- some have warming dishes that lift away from the warmer, some have bulbs that you have to screw in, etc. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.

There's my new warmer... all tucked away in the box.

I chose the beautiful Cardinal Warmer, perfect for the holidays and the winter season.

The Cardinal Warmer is a one piece element warmer, so there are no additional pieces to mess with. This is an easy warmer to use- just plug it in, insert your favorite Scentsy bar or wax tart, and turn on the switch. The warmer has a tiny red light on the side, which lights up when the warmer is on. This is to serve as a reminder to turn it off. I have other warmers that don't have these lights, and don't light up otherwise, and I have forgotten to turn them off when leaving the house- a definite no-no.

I found the perfect spot for my cardinal warmer during the holiday season- right on the buffet in my dining room.

I love this beautiful warmer, and can't wait to enjoy it through the winter season, as well.

The cardinal brings a nice little pop of color to the buffet, and when the Scentsy bar is added, it just fills the room with yummy holiday scents!

I chose this warmer for two reasons- I love cardinals, and love seeing them during the winter months. They are so beautiful, and we often have a lot of them that come to our bird feeders. The other reason I chose this warmer, is because my grandmother loves cardinals, as well, and this warmer reminds me of her. I'd love to purchase an additional cardinal warmer to send to her for a Christmas gift- which I can do, if I get it ordered before December 17th!

Cardinal Scentsy Warmer ELEMENT
Details of the Cardinal Element Warmer

A classic sign of winter, this lovely and graceful red Cardinal will bring cheer to your home throughout the holiday season and beyond. You’ll want to display this one-piece Element Warmer long after the last snow!
*Please note that this warmer is currently out of stock.

Kim also sent me a little surprise- the Scentsy Holiday Fable Collection.

Check out this adorable collection of Holiday Scentsy from Scentsy!

I opened the cover of this cute 'book,' and found an entire collection of Scentsy scents!

The Scentsy Holiday Fable Collection comes with 10 wax scents for your warmers. These are classic holiday scents from Scentsy, and are a 1-onuce size wax sample, which is the perfect size to drop into your warmer, particularly the element warmer.

It was a hard decision, but I decided to go with Cozy Fireside first.

I simply opened up the wax sample cup, and removed the wax.

I placed the wax sample into my warmer, and within one minute, I could smell a sweet blend of seasonal scents. Once of the things I love most about Scentsy waxes, is that they really fill your entire home with your selected scents. You can even mix two pieces of bars together to create a custom Scent, though I think Scentsy gets it pretty spot on, and that's not really necessary.

A Holiday Tale Fragrant Fable

Every fragrance tells a story. Share the scents you love most with a Fragrant Fable. Each  book contains 10 1-ounce Scentsy Bar wax samples that capture the theme.

Each book contains 10 1-ounce Scentsy Bar wax samples that include:
Clove & Cinnamon
Cozy Fireside
Winter Pine
Iced Pine
Peppermint Dreams
Silver Bells
Christmas Cottage
Eskimo Kiss
Very Merry Cranberry

I don't know which scent I want to use next- they all sound so wonderful! I know I am going to enjoy using these through out the holiday and winter seasons!

Check out some of these other great gift ideas from Scentsy...

2015 Limited Edition Gingerbread House Warmer w/Ornament

Snowman Countdown Warmer

Percy the Penguin Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Advent Calendar

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Kim's personal Scentsy website to browse Scentsy warmers, scents, gifts, and more! Interested in hearing more about the Scentsy hostess plan or business opportunity? Be sure to connect with Kim to get the details! 

Please make sure to place your Scentsy orders with Kim by December 17th, to ensure your gifts make it under the tree in time!

Special thanks to Kim Getchell for allowing me to review and share about these lovely holiday products from Scentsy. Kim is a sponsor of the MBP Holiday Gift Guide.

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