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A Gift of Epic Proportions: LeapFrog Epic Tablet #Review #Holiday15

I received product, free of charge in exchange for my honest review as part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Oh, what fun it will be to find LeapFrog under the tree this year! LeapFrog has been bringing us lots of fun products this year, and this next featured product is no exception! We just received the very cool LeapFrog Epic Tablet, and let me tell you- it's amazing! B couldn't believe that he was getting another cool LeapFrog tablet. If you'll remember from a previous post, we recently received the LeapPad Platinum, and we loved it. We couldn't wait to check out the Epic, and to see what sets it apart from the Platinum.

Cool packaging for older kids...

It's plain to see that the LeapFrog Epic is intended for older kiddos. This Android based tablet grows with your child, and can be used by kids as young as 3-4 years, and enjoyed by older children, up to age 9 or 10. Hey, even I think this tablet is pretty awesome!

When we opened up our Epic, we immediately found the card with instructions to set up the tablet.

I love that I didn't have to hunt around for the instructions. Normally, I save the tech set-up for my husband, but he happened to be at work when the Epic arrived, and I knew B wouldn't be able to make it through the day before we set it up. I put on a brave face, and picked up the instruction card.

How not scary is this? Just five simple steps to set up the Epic!

Check out the big screen on the Epic! It also has a protective bumper skin around the edges, which protects it from damage if it's dropped.

When B got his very first LeapPad (Explorer) as a gift, he dropped it outside on the cement, as soon as we got it home from his birthday party. Nothing cracked, but it did ding up the plastic on the edges pretty well. We were all upset about it, and wished we'd had one of the outer skins over it. The skins can be removed, and changed out (other colors are available).

The Epic included everything shown here:

Included- Tablet, USB Connection, A/C Power cord, instruction sheet, and parent guide.

To get started setting up the Epic, it was as simple as plugging it in, and waiting for it to turn on, which took a matter of seconds.

The Epic started charging as soon as we plugged it in, and was fully charged in a flash!

After the Epic was charged, all I had to do was set up the Wi-Fi connection (oh yeah, this thing is Wi-Fi capable!), and a few other things.

After I set up the Wi-Fi, which meant that I connected it to our home Wi-Fi account, we were connected to the Internet on the Epic. So cool! I was then directed to connect to my LeapFrog Parent Account, which I already had, since we were already LeapPad users. This is where all of the app info for B's LeapFrog games, videos, etc., are located. As soon as I connected our account, the Epic imported all of B's apps and favorite games from LeapFrog, which were previously purchased and used with other LeapFrog devices. I love not having to manually install these apps by connecting the Epic to my computer! We can also access the LepFrog App Center, right from the Epic, anytime we want to download a new game!

After that, all that was left to do, was to set my parental lock on the Epic. Since web browsing is available on the Epic, this keeps a lock on what B can and can't access across the web. We have his Epic set to the kid safe web settings. This can be changed by a parent... just don't forget to wrote down that parental lock code! Next, we set up B's profile for the Epic. It allowed me to put his name, age, gender, school year, etc., into the Epic, for a customized experience for B. The home screen allowed B to select his name, and to take a photo of himself, right from the Epic! His profile picture appeared immediately.

This guy was all smiles as we turned on the Epic to check it out for the first time.

The Epic comes with 20 apps, which are already installed, so there were tons of new games, videos, and stories for B to check out!

Plus, there were his other favorite games, too!

B loves playing his favorite games on the Epic. He practices math, reading, writing, spelling, and more with his Epic tablet. He's learning all about fractions at age 5! I don't remember how old I was when I was introduced to fractions, but I know I was well beyond five years old!

The Epic has cool features like a customized home screen, a clock display, a calendar, a journal, and more! B has been exploring the cool things his Epic can do, and he hardly ever wants to leave the house without it!

Handing over the Epic is so much different than handing over one of our other tablets. This tablet is custom designed, just for kids, and is filled with awesome learning games, resources, and more! The easy to grasp stylus is attached to the Epic, so younger kids can use it without parents or older sibling having to worry about them losing it.

LeapFrog Epic

 Features of the LeapFrog Epic Tablet

•  Android™ based operating system
•  7" multi-touch capacitive screen
•  16GB memory
•  Expanded LeapSearch™ Browser

When your child plays, their mind opens to learn in new and exciting ways. That's why our games engage kids, encourage questions, foster curiosity and support critical thinking—all while building confidence and understanding.

• Exclusive access to LeapFrog games & apps
• Access to educator-approved* kid-favorite Android™ apps
• Rest assured: No in-app purchases or harmful ads
• Parent controls unlock access to even more apps

I don't want to stick my child in front of a screen for hours, but I have a hard time saying no when B asks to play on his Epic tablet, since I know he's learning and exploring. We can even sit down and explore together- which is even more fun!

We give the LeapFrog Epic two thumbs up (if I had more thumbs, I'd put those up, too!). This is definitely a product worth checking out this holiday season. If you've been looking for a great starter tablet for your kids, the Epic is the way to go!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to LeapFrog to check out the LeapFrog Epic, and to explore other LeapFrog toys, games, and devices! Look for the Epic at your preferred retailer. Connect with LeapFrog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube

Special thanks to LeapFrog for allowing us to test and share about the LeapFrog Epic this holiday season!

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