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Stylish Shoes for Your Little Ones from #Pediped #Review + #Giveaway

I received product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I love to see my little man running around, playing, like the happy boy he is. He seems to be growing like a weed right now, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Every few weeks, we are cleaning out his clothing drawers, and purchasing new items to wear. B grows out of his shoes quickly, too, which is why we're always looking for high quality, comfortable footwear for him.

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Pediped all started with one mom's quest to find a comfortable fitting pair of shoes for her daughter. More than anything, she wanted a show that would be healthy for her child's feet. It was recommended by doctors that barefoot walking or walking in soft soled shoes were the best choices for children, but choices were limited to infants and toddlers. That's when Angela and husband Brian decided to create Pediped- the next best thing to bare feet.

We were thrilled to connect with Pediped for the very first time, I have heard a lot about their wonderful line of children's shoes, and really wanted to give them a try with B, since he loves bare feet (like his mommy). We have always had trouble finding comfortable fitting shoes for B. His feet are wide, and thick, which poses a problem when trying on ordinary shoes. We need to have soft, flexible shoes that will move with him, yet keep his feet protected.
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B couldn't wait to check out his new pair of Pediped shoes!

We chose the Flex Scout in Black/Lime.

We were impressed by the simple packaging, and were happy to see that there were removable sizers included with our Pediped shoes. These inserts can be quickly placed into the shoes, to make them fit a bit more snug, and then can later be removed when your child's feet need more room. B loved the design of these shoes- the color combo, and the fact that the design combined laces and a velcro strap.

One of mommy's favorite features- awesome tread!

I have a big fear of kids slipping and falling on wet floors, or in the rain, so I love seeing a good depth and amount of tread on the bottom of children's shoes. I can rest easy knowing that my child will be safe from falls in his Pediped sneakers. Plus, we love the cool design in the bottom!

Big kid style!

B just turned five, so he's at that age where he's starting to look more toward his 11-year-old Cousin C, and wanting to dress like him, and be like him. I'm not ready for my five year old to turn eleven overnight, so I'm glad that he can achieve a big kid look with his Pediped shoes, while still being in a kid's shoe that's comfortable, and appropriate for his age.

Flexible, lightweight, and comfortable for active kids on the go.

Kids B's age don't sit still for very long... they are always on the go. From playing outside to heading to school, or going on an outing with mom and dad, B is ready for whatever the day may bring in his Pedipeds. We have notices that we can be out for hours- at an event, or even shopping, and B hardly ever complains about hurting feet, if he has these awesome shoes on. These shoes easily scrunch up in your hand, just just goes to show how flexible they are, and how comfortable they will be for your child.

Another big plus for these, is that they are machine washable! If you're a boy mom, and you've ever had to deal with the stinky shoes they often wind up with, you will definitely appreciate this feature!

About Scout Black, Lime Flex ®
Scout has flex grooves that provide maximum flexibility, a breathable mesh upper that allows for even airflow, and a heel cushion that protects against impact and distributes pressure evenly.

Sizes 24-33
Synthetic upper
Breathable mesh lining
Flexible rubber and phylon sole
Ultra light weight of 5oz (based on a size EU 27/US 10 kids shoe)
Athletic style with faux laces and Velcro closure
Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development

  Ultra Light Technology™ is specially designed to support kids’ feet in all activities while remaining light as air. Ultra Light Technology™ includes flex grooves for natural foot movement and maximum flexibility, heel cushioning that distributes pressure evenly, and a breathable mesh upper that allows airflow through the body shoe.
Machine Washable shoes can handle the playground and the washing machine, so they are easy to keep clean and smelling fresh.
Our water-safe shoes are light-weight, eco-friendly, and able to handle dunks and splashes, so they still look great after a day at the pool or beach.
The Flex Fit System™ provides additional insoles that can be inserted for a snug fit then removed for room as your child's foot grows. These insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size, extending the life of the shoe.

We love Pediped, and I am sad that B will one day outgrow this wonderful brand of shoes for kids. I am happy, however, knowing that these will be great shoe options for Baby S, when it's time for us to start buying shoes for her! Pediped has many wonderful styles for boys and girls, from newborn to size 5.5-6!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Pediped to browse all of their awesome styles of children's shoes. You can also connect with Pediped through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Pediped for allowing us to review and share about their wonderful shoes for kids! Pediped is a sponsor of the MBP Holiday Gift Guide.

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