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Dreaming of Florida #WordlessWednesday

Well, it finally happened- it turned cold in NC! We were in sunny, warm Florida earlier this month for a couple of days, amd it was so strange to be down there, with it being almost 90 degrees! The beaches are just beautiful, and we had a blast hanging out by the pool for two hot, sunny days! If you're chilly on this day before Thanksgiving, maybe these sunny photos will warm you up!
And If you are planning to come here don't forget to take a camera try to bring a waterproof digital camera which will be make your this trip more enjoyable

View of the beach from our resort.

Palm trees, everywhere!

B, swimming on his own in the kid's pool.

Me, lounging...

Water slide fun!

Sun, where did you go?

Momma and babe

Hanging out on the beach with daddy...

...and looking for perriwinkles in the sand.

Tuckered out after a big day!

Calming ocean waves down at Daytona Beach.

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Wednesday!

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