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What Do You Do When You Are Involved In A Road Accident?

No one wants to crash their car or motor vehicle, but when you are on the road it is always a possibility. There are millions of drivers on the roads at any one time, and quite a few of them are not safety conscious. Plus, it is now the fall, and winter is on the way too. Driving conditions are not conducive to safety, what with all the rain, ice and debris on the roads. Heaven forbid the worst happens, but if it does here are your next steps. 

Check Everyone Is Okay

The first thing to do is check that there are no serious injuries. For the most part, car accidents are fender benders and the main injury is shock or whiplash. Although both are not very nice, they are not terminal. 

Get Out Of The Car

While you are in the car, you are still in danger. Other drivers on the road may not react properly to the situation. Cars could still crash into your vehicle even when it is stationary. As long as there are no major injuries, clear the vehicle as soon as possible and get to safety.

Call The Police Or Emergency Services

Regardless of whether people are hurt or not, the police have to sign off on the incident. Whatever you do, don’t drive away until you have spoken to the authorities. Otherwise, they might charge you with a crime. Plus, driving away from the scene of an accident doesn’t look good. If you end up going to court in the future, it looks like you fled because you were the guilty party. 

Give Your Details

Not just to the police, give them to the other party too if they ask. You are obliged to at least give your name and your address for insurance reasons, so don’t be shy. 

Ask For Their Details

On the flip side of the coin, you want their details also. Again, you will need to talk to your insurance company and figure out your next steps. If you can prove it wasn’t your fault, you don’t want to pay for the damage. Their name and address should suffice, but any other information could be relevant so get what you can.

Take Pictures

When everyone drives away from the scene, it is your word against the opposite parties. No one is going to accept willingly blame even if it was their fault. You will need to prove it, which is why you want pictures. Experts will be able to guestimate what happened just from the marks on the cars, so pictures are invaluable evidence.

Hire A Lawyer

If the incident does escalate, you will need legal help. A personal injury attorney can defend you against a lawsuit, or they can lead a lawsuit against the opposing party. 

Don’t Accept Blame

Never accept blame even if you think it was your fault. You are not an expert, and you are not one hundred percent sure that you were to blame. If they push you for an answer, tell them that you are unsure and will leave it to the professionals to decide. 

Claiming compensation comes with a stigma, but you shouldn’t let that put you off if you have a legitimate claim.

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