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Take a moment and make a difference!! #randomactsofkindness

The following is a huge list of things you can do to be kind to others.  Most of them are very simple and don't cost you a dime.  It only takes a second to make someone feel good.  Let's all take time to read this list and try to incorporate some of these into our everyday lives.  You will be making a difference...not only in someone else's life but you will feel good about yourself also. 

1.     Leave enough money in the vending machine for the next person to get a free treat.
2.     Do something kind for animals.
3.     Smile and say hello to someone you don’t know.
4.     Put a flower on your neighbor’s porch.
5.     Pick up litter.
6.     Help someone struggling with heavy bags.
7.     Pay the toll for the person behind you.
8.     Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
9.     Include a note in your child’s or spouse’s lunch box.
10.  Write something nice about your waitperson on the back of the check.
11.  Give your place in line to another person who seems to be in a hurry or a parent with restless children.
12.  Hold the door.
13.  Collect goods for a food bank.
14.  Distribute lollipops to kids
15.  Sing at a nursing home.
16.  Slip paper hearts that say “It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day! Have a great day! Pass it on!” under the windshield wipers of parked cars.
17.  Hand out balloons to passersby.
18.  Say something nice to everyone you meet today.
19.  Give the gift of your smile.
20.  Give the gift of your smile along with a small piece of paper with a smiley face and a note that says “Pass it on.”
21.  Help people pack their groceries into their cars.
22.  Give free hugs
23.  Pat someone on the back.
24.  Give coffee to people on their way to work in the morning.
25.  Donate time to a senior center.
26.  Donate time to an animal shelter.
27.  Give free car washes.
28.  Clean graffiti from neighborhood walls and buildings.
29.  Have a cleanup party in the park.
30.  Leave an extra big tip for the waitperson.
31.  Offer to return a shopping cart to the store for someone unloading a car.
32.  Buy a roll of brightly colored stickers and give them out to kids you meet during the day.
33.  Make kindness bookmarks and give them away.
34.  Pick up three pieces of trash wherever you are.
35.  Smile and say hello to someone you don’t know.
36.  If you play a musical instrument, visit a senior center or hospital and give a brief recital.
37.  Write anonymous, loving post-its for strangers to find.
38.  Tape some change to a payphone with a card saying it is for whoever needs it
39.  Donate clothes to goodwill.
40.  Copy and distribute a favorite recipe.
41.  Visit a nursing home and spend time visiting with someone who doesn't get visitors.
42.  Give out have a nice day stickers.
43.  Cut coupons out and leave them at the grocer register for others.
44.  Play the role of doorman for 15 minutes.
45.  Stand outside a supermarket and give people reusable shopping bags.
46.  Play sports with people you don't know in the park.
47.  Give kids free swing pushes in the park.
48.  Write a list of what you are grateful for RIGHT NOW and share with friends, friends and/or coworkers to promote an attitude of gratitude.
49.  Smile! And say hello to 5 strangers.
50.  Post a list of random kind acts in a public place.
51.  Read to a child. 
52.  Rake someone's yard.
53.  Sing a song. 
54.  Tell a joke.
55.  Start a community garden.
56.  Send a thank you note to someone you appreciate. 
57.  Give clothes to a shelter or thrift store.
58.  Wash a car windshield.
59.  Set up a lemonade stand on a hot day and give it out for free.
60.  Plant a tree or a seed or a flower. 
61.  Recycle. 
62.  Give a tip just because.
63.  Interview people about what they're thankful for, create a scroll from their responses and hand out a copy to everyone.
64.  Send unexpected bouquet of flowers to someone you appreciate. 
65.  Give the gift of flower seeds.
66.  Take a child to a mall to give a "just because" flower to the five elders, with a heartfelt "have a nice day" greeting.
67.  Volunteer at a local nonprofit ... or ask them what you can do to help those in need.
68.  Spend time at senior community. 
69.  Visit an animal shelter.
70.  Help the seniors at a grocery store. 
71.  Read to an elderly. 
72.  Send a nice card to an elderly person who's been an influence in your life.
73.  Express appreciation to workers who provide you with goods and services that don’t usually get noticed, for example, the police, firefighters, store clerks, behind the scenes restaurant staff, maintenance staff, etc.
74.  Send flowers to a local teacher who has dedicated her life to children.
75.  See how many people you can be kind to by spending only $5.00. Tape the exact change for a soda to a vending machine or a payphone. Pay the toll for the person behind you. Leave flowers in front of someones house. Bake cookies and give them away. Put quarters in the laundry machine for the next person. Send cards with beautiful essages to anonymous people. Give someone a chocolate heart … just because. Treat someone to a cup of their favorite coffee. Pick up recyclables, cash them in and do it ll over again!76.  Appreciate someone who has done something kind for you. Send a 'Thank You' card to someone who's helped you when you really needed it. 
77.  Write a letter to an old teacher who influenced your life.
78.   Call your grandparents or parents and let them know how they've impacted your life.
79.  Email a friend to thank them for being there for you through hardships.
80.  Send an e-card to your partner to tell them how much you appreciate having them in your life.
81.  Practice kindness towards the environment. Participate in beach or park cleanups.
82.  Reduce air pollution by carpooling, taking public transportation, biking, or walking.
83.  Recycle all aluminum, plastic, and paper materials. 
84.  Cut down on the energy you use by lowering the heat and turning off lights and unused appliances.
85.  Give houseplants to teachers, friends, or coworkers. 
86.  Plant a tree in your neighborhood.
87.  Deliver fresh-baked cookies to town or city workers.
88.  Collect canned goods for a food bank.
89.   Merchants can donate a percentage of receipts for the week to a special cause.
90.  Students can clean classrooms for the custodian.
91.  Buy a stranger a free pizza or a dessert.
92.  Offer a couple of hours of baby-sitting to parents.
93.  Have a charity day at work, with employees bringing nonperishable food items to donate.
94.   Remember the bereaved with phone calls, cards, plants, and food.
95.  Treat someone to fresh fruit.
96.   Pay a compliment at least once a day.
97.  Call or visit a homebound person.
98.  Be a good neighbor. Take over a baked treat or stop by to say “Hello” or to help with a project.
99.  Transport someone who can’t drive.
100. Mow a neighbor’s grass.
101. Say something nice to everyone you meet today.
102. Send a treat to a school or day-care center.
103. Wipe rainwater off shopping carts or hold umbrellas for shoppers on the way to their car.
105. Send home a note telling parents something their child did well
106. Donate needed supplies to the humane society. 
108. Help people with packages at the mall or grocery.
109. Volunteer to read to students in the classroom.
110. Tell a story to kids in the park.
111. Write notes of appreciation and bring flowers or goodies to teachers or other important people, such as the principal, nurse, custodian, and secretary.
112. Tell your children why you love them.
114. Write a note to your mother/father and tell them why they are special.
115. Pat someone on the back.
116. Write a thank-you note to a mentor or someone who has influenced your life in a positive way.
117. Give blood.
118. Sign up for an organ donor card.
119. Visit hospitals with smiles, treats, and friendly conversation for patients.
120. Give another driver your parking spot.
121. Leave a treat or handmade note of thanks for a delivery person or mail carrier.
122. Clean graffiti from neighborhood walls and buildings.
123. Tell your boss that you think he/she does a good job.
124. Tell your employees how much you appreciate their work.
125. Let your staff leave work an hour early.
126. Have a clean-up party in the park.
127. Tell a bus or taxi driver how much you appreciate their driving.
128. Have everyone in your office draw the name of a Random Acts of Kindness buddy out of a hat and do a kind act for their buddy that day or week.
129. Pay for the meal of the person behind you in the drive-through.
130. Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, praising the employee.
131. Call an estranged family member.
132. Pay for the person behind you in the movie line.
133. Give flowers to be delivered with meal delivery programs.
134. Give toys to the children at the shelter or safe house.
135. Give friends and family kindness coupons they can redeem for kind favors.
136. Be a friend to a new student or coworker.
137. Renew an old friendship by sending a letter or small gift to someone you haven’t talked with in a long time.
138. For one week, act on every single thought of generosity that arises spontaneously in your heart. Notice what happens as a result.
139. Offer to return a shopping cart to the store for someone loading a car.
140. Write a card of thanks and leave it with your tip. Be sure to be specific in your thanks.
141. Let the person behind you in the grocery store go ahead of you in line.
142. When drivers try to merge into your lane, let them in with a wave and a smile.
143. Create a craft project or build a bird house with a child.
144. Give a bag of groceries to a homeless person.
145. Laugh out loud often and share your smile generously.
146. Make a list of things to do to bring more kindness into the world, and have family and friends make a list. Exchange lists and do one item per day for a month.
147. Offer to take a picture of a group, family, or couple who have a camera.
148. Send a gift anonymously to a friend family member or coworker.
149. Buy or donate books for a day care or school.
150. Slip a bit of $$$ to a person who you know is having financial difficulty. Even better if they don’t know where it came from.
151. Offer to take a friend’s child to ball practice.
152. Waive late fees for the week.
153. Ask a teenager for their opinion … and then really listen to them.
154. Invite a couple of neighborhood kids over for a cooking class. 
155. Provide a neighborhood child with homework help. 
156. Offer to babysit for free. Perhaps you know a couple or a single parent who could really use a short break. 
157. Open the car door for your passenger. 
158. Pull out someone’s chair for them at the dinner table. 
159. Wash a neighbor’s vehicle. 
160. Ask your child to mow a neighbor’s lawn or wash their car and then pay them when they finish. Or else just help them.
161. Let a neighbor know how much you value their friendship. When preparing dinner make extra and drop it off to a neighbor. 
162. Let a manager know you compliment a sales clerk for their pleasant service.
163. Give your pocket change to someone who needs it. 
164. Pick up small florist vases at thrift stores or yard sales for about 10 cents and buy wrapped flowers for a few more dollars, arrange them. Surprise someone.
165. Write a letter to the editor reminding people to be kind.
166. Leave a few cans of opened cat food for the stray cats that hang out in shopping parking lots. 
167. Do as many kind things as you can by being anonymous. It is a wonderful feeling.
168. Run an errand for someone. 
169. Take a child for an ice cream cone and ask them about their favorite things. Tell them what you’re grateful for.
170. Take blankets or warm clothing to a homeless person. 
171. Connect someone who is homebound to the Internet. 
172. Contact your community action program to find out of someone who is in need of some assistance and provide it for them. 
173. Help an elderly person care for their pet(s). 
174. Knit or crochet hats for cancer patients. 
175. Purchase a couple extra bags of dog or cat food or clay litter and take to the animal shelter. 
176. Offer to pump someone’s gas at the station that looks like they could use the assistance. 
177. Get your youth group together to pump everyone’s gas for an hour or two at the nearest gas station. 
178. Send a bouquet of flowers to a hospital and let the hospital know it should go to someone who doesn’t receive any visitors and is alone. 
179. Visit a nursing home just to spend a little time with residents. Find out if you can bring a dog that would be great with elderly folks. 
180. Drop off books and magazines to hospitals, nursing homes and doctors offices. 
181. Donate to local causes you hear about or families in need.
182. If you can, help someone with a financial issue. 
183. Volunteer at a hospice. 
184. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
185. Share kind, positive quotes that inspire you.

Get together with friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and family and brainstorm ways you can show kindness to yourselves, to others and to the earth

Incorporate kindness into your family meals, classrooms and workplaces. Perhaps spend 5 minutes each day sharing your kindness ideas or the acts you shared during the day. Make kindness a daily habit in all your environments.

Kindness is contagious. It feels good. Kindness can change a life ... and it will definitely change yours!

Make today great for you and for others!!  

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